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Because I use an iMac and, when I move around and travel, a MBook I coopied my Library to an external drive which can then be connected to either in order to work on my library.


Some of the RAW images were originally loaded to the iMac, while others to the MBook. Are masters part of the AP Library, or do they reside on the HD, in which case - which HD?


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    Depends on how you import them.


    There are two ways Aperture will handle the original files, the first called managed is when the original is copied into the Aperture library itself, the second called referenced is where the originals are kept outside the library.


    Which system is used depends on what settings you have in Aperture when you import the originals. The default is managed so if you did not change anything then most likely the originals are in the library.


    You can tell by selecting the Photos icon in the library view of the Inspector, switch to Browser view, selecting all the images in the library and doing a File->Locate Referenced Files.


    If any images are shown in the window that opens those are referenced.



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    Thank you Frank.


    I did it differently: I randomly selected images going back to the very beginning and typed M for each to see if the master would appear; and it did every time.


    Do you think I have it covered?


    BTW. I find your method is quite elegnt.



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    Well randomly selecting images in the library won;t tell you if all the images are managed. 


    The procedure I outlined will take little time to perform and will tell you the state of the entire library.

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    You're right. Thanks again.