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I was trying to send a file to a friend, but got a message sayint file is too large.  WHY???  AOL will send it, if I can figure out how, as the person who set me up with ICLOUD apparently did not fix it for AOL;  so when I click SHARE  on a file, it only goes to an ICLOUD email.......


Also, sometimes ICLOUD gives a message saying CANNOT SEND FROM SELECTED CARRIER, or something similar.  Why is this????  I'm beginning to dislike ICLOUD. 



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    Some ISPs have restrictions on how large a file may be both on reception as well as transmission. Others do not.


    Size restrictions aren't the fault of your email application, but of your ISP.


    BTW, please don't use caps. It's the equivalent of shouting.

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    Limits on Sending Messages  

    iCloud has several safeguards to ensure that only iCloud members can send messages using the iCloud outgoing mail server. Among these safeguards are reasonable limitations on:

    • The total number of messages you can send each day (200 messages)
    • The number of recipients to whom you can send each day (1000 recipients)
    • The maximum number of recipients per message (100 recipients)
    • The maximum size of incoming and outgoing messages (20 MB)


    iCloud email has been designed primarily for personal use. Sending unsolicited bulk email messages through iCloud email servers is prohibited. To review the iCloud membership agreement and acceptable use policy, please see the iCloud Terms and Conditions.