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I have been looking for a way to factory unlock my iPhone for a year now. My iPhone is locked to Rogers and they refuse to unlock my iPhone, i have been on a pay as you go plan for a year and still nothing. I looked into several third party unlock options and paid $175.00 CDN to have it unlocked and found out I was lied to- They took my money and my IMEI number, then said I would receive an email stating my phone was unlocked. I am still waiting for this email after four months with no luck and I can no longer get in touch with them. I am extremely unsatisfied with Rogers and their horrible plans/customer service, along with their hidden charges. I believe I should have a permanent, factory unlocked iPhone after paying pretty close to $1,000.00 for my iPhone. This is a prime example of a Monopoly and I am fed up with it.


Can anyone give me any information on:

1. where to go for a legit factory unlock that is under $50.00 or even free of charge.

2. How to make Rogers unlock my iPhone.


3. Places I can trade my phone in for another with a different provider.


I have an iPhone 4S locked to Rogers in Canada. It is a 16GB, white and in Excellent condition(like new). I bought the phone from my brother after he switched providers and it was bought out, with no contract and doesn't have any arrears.


Thank you very much in advance!






J. Sveinson

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Unfortunately Apple will not get involved in unlocking an iPhone after sale.  The unlocking is solely in the hands of the carrier the iPhone is locked to.  There is no other legitimate means to get the iPhone unlocked outside of dealing with your carrier.


    You can always sell the iPhone on places like eBay and Craigslist and put the money towards buying a factory unlocked iPhone that would then permit you to deal with any carrier for your cellular service.

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    The only legitimate way to get an iPhone unlocked is to go through the carrier it's locked to. No one else can legally authorize it. If Rogers will not do so, then you're out of luck.


    Acording to this list Rogers offers unlocking. Have they given you a reason why they are not willing to unlock it? If you don't meet their conditions, there is nothing you can do.


    3rd party unlocking services are either hacks, scams, or flat out illegal, as you have discovered.


    Sell it to someone who can use it and use the money to buy a legitimately unlocked phone directly from Apple.

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    They(Rogers Reps.) said they did not offer unlocks because it was impossible. He( one of Rogers Reps.) said to visit a third party(a friend of his) to "jailbreak" my iPhone and gave me a contact number, which will(so he says) permanently unlock my iPhone- I now know a lot about jail breaking and it's utter uselessness, I REFUSE! to Jailbreak my iPhone. I also tried to contact Rogers via phone and was also informed that Rogers does not provide "Factory Unlock". It has been about four months since I contacted Rogers about a factory Unlock.

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    You need to talk to someone else at Rogers, press this higher and to customer relations.  They are not doing what they claim to do.  Only Rogers can legitimately unlock your iPhone.

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    Looks like you might just have to wait a few more days...



    So what is unlocking anyway?

    By unlocking your phone, you can use your wireless device with a SIM card from another mobile carrier. This is a great benefit to customers spending extended time away in other countries that need to stay connected.

    What are the restrictions?

    When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

    For those customers who are under a term commitment, we have made some changes to our device unlocking policy to give you more flexibility in the way you use your wireless device. In March 2013, we’ll be changing our policy so that you no longer have to wait until you complete your full term commitment – you can unlock 90 days after activating your device on the Rogers network. We’re also making it even easier for you to have your phone unlocked by bringing it to any of our Rogers retail stores.

    How much will it cost?

    You can unlock your device for $50 plus applicable taxes.

    Update March 6th, 6pm: Hi everybody. We’re happy to announce that our new unlocking policy will be implemented effective March 28th.

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    I agree with Ralph. Speak with someone else at Rogers.  They told me I could unlock my Iphone 4 through them for $50.  Mind you this was probably beacause I upgraded my phone and also renewed my contract.  I asked them if I could unlock my new phone, I was told no.  But my old phone no problem.  As far as Rogers recommending a third party and jailbreaking, that is actually pretty surprising as well.

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    Wow, a carrier rep suggesting you hack your phone? What a dolt.


    By the way, there are NO legitimate third party unlocking services. If you used one of these services, then you have engaged in illegal activity, though you probably weren't aware of it.

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    stevejobsfan0123 wrote:

    then you have engaged in illegal activity

    Says who? You? FYI: It is not "illegal" to do so in the US for any cell phone purchased prior to 1/26/2013 & in fact is not "illegal" in most of the world. And, if legislation, currently in Congress, passes it will not be "illegal" to do so on any cell phone in the US.

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    It is not 'prosecutable' in the US. That does not mean it is not ellegal. Pending legislation is meaningless when it comes to anything that's done today.

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    all this locks are nothing more than only greed !

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    And you restructured this 11 month old thread for this profound statement?

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    razRa wrote:


    invisible hands my friend will distroy human kind !


    I, for one, welcome our new invisible overlords.

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