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I have an IPhone 4S and and trying to sync it to Outlook 2013.  Contacts sync, but the calendar won't.  I've successfully sync'ed the phone to Outlook 2003 and 2007 before.  Is this a compatiblity issue?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    I had the same problem and just discovered the solution!!


    First, uninstalled the itunes version that was on my PC.  Reinstalled using the 11.0.4 version (64 bit).


    Second, deleted the icloud account on my iphone.


    Third, opened Outlook 13 while reinstalling the 11.0.4 version of itunes. Once itunes is reinstalled, must reconfigure your itunes to sync with Outlook.  Do this by:  connecting your iphone so that itunes will recognize the device. Right-click the device and choose the Info menu.  That's when the system picks up Outlook.  Once you've made your selections, be SURE to close Outlook BEFORE applying the changes so you don't have to reinstall Outlook. Hit APPLY and the system now recognizes Outlook and will begin syncing from Outlook.


    It took two frustrating weeks and the knowledge of a tech friend before I was able to resolve the problem.