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I was using my Windows 7 boot this morning to check some HTML work, ran updates when I was there (Windows, Logitech, whatever I was getting notices on).  I then proceeded to switch back and forth several times to check work, when on one attempt to boot W7 my computer froze on a grey screen.  Thinking this was just a fluke, I rebooted and the same results (I should mention I have had no problems with my Mac partition).  I proceeded to try all the P-Ram/SMC/whatever boot fixes I could think of and nothing worked, the system would freeze every time I tried to boot.  So I removed the partition, and tried to start from scratch...of course this didn't work because when Boot Camp assistant rebooted and tried to load the W7 install disc, grey screen.


I got on the phone with Apple tech, went through Disk Utility this time to remove the partition, ran repair on the drive afterwards, and repeated the BC Assistant...locked on grey screen.  So this time he had me do the SMC again, and for some reason it booted the install disc.  I thought everything was good...got off the phone, ran the W7 install, system rebooted, installed Boot Camp files, rebooted, and froze again on grey screen.  Getting rid of and adding the partition again and starting from scratch isn't working again either (I still get to this frozen grey screen).  ARRGHHH!!!!!


Has anyone else run into this problem?


Does it sound like a hardware issue at this point? (again, no problems as far as I can tell on my Mac boot)


I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow afternoon, but I'd like to resolve this myself if I can.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)