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I got a MacBook Pro 13 a month ago. First the fan was loud. Then my mail app was not working. Then I have problems whenever I want to turn off this computer. Now I have a crooked key after a month of use and keep in mind I barely use it! I mostly use my iPad. Anyways, I switched to Mac because I was sick of windows problems. Now I come to realize that for the exorbitant $1,200 I could have gotten an ultrabook.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.2, It's a brand new computer. 2 weeks
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    No the Apple return policy is only 14 days. You can take it in and have it looked at and maybe that key, or the whole keyboard, replaced and then sell it privately but no Apple will not take it back.


    Once you sell it privately, eBay or whatever, you can then buy an Ultrabook with whatever you get for it.

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    No one here works for Apple so can't speak to what Apple will or will not do on a case-by-case basis. Your best path is to contact Apple Customer Relations, a higher level of support that works well with the type of issues you describe: