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    Woode wrote:


    I have two ePub books, one downloaded from Project Gutenberg and one from another source, that I imported into iTunes then transferred to my iPad. Upon opening them, I discovered that they are usable because of errors in text and formatting. These two books were synced to iCloud and now cannot be deleted. They cannot be removed from Purchases, though they were never purchased from the iBooks Store. However, they can be deleted from your iTunes Library. Directly from the library. Just Select them and then go to Edit on the top menu and select Delete. Since they are not purchased items, they will be deleted from your iTunes library.


    Whether purchased from the iBook Store - Sorry - but Apple's policy from day 1 is that purchased items cannot be deleted from iCloud. You can hide them if you don't want to see them again, but if the policy were to let you delete them, then Apple would be inundated day in and out with furious users who had "accidently" deleted a purchsased item, or whose spiteful brother or boyfriend had deleteted them, and would be absolutely indignant if there was no way to get them back. Apple would be the bad guy, consipiring to figure out new ways to get your hard-earned cash out of your pocket even though you OWNED the items in question....Not to mention, as stated before, this is the INDUSTRY standard.


    or downloaded from somewhere else, I should be able to completely remove an unwanted book from iCloud. It does not matter if it is unusable because of errors or simply unwanted. I do not want to remove iCloud from my device - so don't delete iCloud from your device. Either remove the item from your your device, and don't look at the iCloud side, or hide the item in iCloud so whether you are looking at the device library or at the iCloud library on the device, you won't see hard is that?


    , because I want to read the rest of my library on my Mac, or my iPad, or my iPhone.


    This, Gail, is a problem.

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    I have a slightly different problem. For some reason, the file for an iBooks book that I purchased a couple of years ago became corrupted during the iBooks upgrade. It's a book that I need to access regularly for something I'm researching and writing. This happened with only one book.


    I have tried deleting and reinstalling the book repeatedly from my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad, but every time I re-download the file, what I get is the corrupted file on iCloud. 


    The solution, I'm thinking, is to delete the corrupted file backup up on iCloud, then reinstall a clean, non-corrupted file from the iBooks Store. Is that possible to do?

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    I have another reason to needing books completely removed from an iPad, iCloud, iTunes then has been discussed thus far.  I am in the Technology Dept of an independant school where we have a 1-to-1 program using iPads.  A middle school student has somehow (?) downloaded a very inappropiate book in their parents opinion.  Remember that kids will e kids and sometimes do rather stupid mistakes.  The parents wnat/need these books completely erased from thier childs accounts.  This might be able to remove the child's ability to re-doenload such materials or might not want some bit of incrimnating paper trail to this childs indecretions.


    So to Gail and others here.  There are legitimate reasons to want to expunge records from the mighty apple's computers.  It seems rather typical of Apple and MAc users to think that 'if Apple doesn't want tsomeone to do X or Y, then one shouldn't need to do it."  This smacks of Big Brother to me.  And the argument that this is an industry standard or that it would cause undue support calls to Apple just doesn't old water.  Apple has never followed industry standards, but rather works at setting them.  And how hard is it to make a user understand and confirm that some action they take will have inrriversable consequences?


    Come on Apple, give us the tools we need.

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    You can't actually delete them.. but you can hide them from all devices including your iBooks on Mac.. How to do this is go to the store and purchases (I'm walking you through on the mac) then you go to the book that you are wanting to delete (hide) and in the top left corner will be an "X".. clicking this will prompt a message box asking if you want to hide this purchase.. Select Hide or Yes (can't really remember which it says) then when you go back to your iBook library the book will be gone on all devices.. hope this helps!

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    Hey powellwrj... That worked for me - thank you!

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    Well... ...I cannot hide them from iCloud and even though I have selected "hide", the books still show up. I have selected "do not download books with explicit content" but this feature only applies to NEW books, so, all the old books, such as a book by mistake, I downloaded, can still be accessed by my Children and they are still able to read the explicit content.


    This has to be a priority for Apple if they allow Children to access explicit content that we as parents are trying to manage.


    APPLE: The parental control button does NOT work on all books.


    A parent should be able to control what is "explicit" content and what books can be or should be available to children. Currently, this feature does not work to my liking and it needs to change.


    CURRENTLY - explicit content is controlled by Apple and the standards are way too relaxed.



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    Hi TK421,


    When you say that you have selected "Hide" but they still show up, where are they still showing up?





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    Somehow it took the Apple "machine" hours to decide what had explicit content and what does not - and the book that was NOT going away from my iBooks App has now gone and vanished - it may be a glitch that it takes time for the "machine" to go through the contents of the book before "it" decides if the content is explicit or not.


    I would like to be able to make the choice - and not leave it to "the Apple machine" to make that decision.


    It's gone now - but it took 3 hours.



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    Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 16.19.24.png

    Also, you can click on the icon "Sort By" then change it to "Sort Manually'

    As soon as you've done that, click again on "Sort By" and choose the option "Hide iCloud Books"


    Then select the book you want to delete and press command-delete. And the book won't show up again in your library.

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    Elizaema - Is this on a mac or a device that you are referencing? There are two magazines I am trying to delete and they are seen again if I click "hide icloud books" on the ipad even though they are hidden for the actual account.

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    That's an iPad image. I also would like to delete some books, mainly sample books and Apple Guides for every iteration of iOS. Surely we should be able to delete the books we decided we didn't like, or the old guides while they issue updated iOS iPhone and iPad guides (which, BTW, are really great). I don't want to hide them, I want them gone, not clutter up my screen. Most of us are confused because there is that "Cloud with download arrow" icon in the iBooks app. The books must be somewhere...

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    OK, so if you don't want to see the books in the Cloud, then when you open the iBooks app, and click on the option in the top center (on an iPhone) that says All or Books or PDFs or a Collection Name if you have collections, at the bottom of the screen where you select your view, there is an option to "Hide iCloud Books". If you turn that on, then when you are in anything but "Purchased", you will not see that "Cloud with the download arrow icon in the iBooks app".





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    What if it is hidden in my Mac cloud library but not my iPad or iPhone, how do i go about hiding it from all devices ? I still want to see my other cloud books just not one or two?

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    Remove it from your device....


    In the Library, click on Select, select the book(s) you want removed from the device, click on Delete to remove them, click on Done.