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I have both iCloud and Google calendar sync set up on my Mac iCal program so I can see everything in iCal.  However when someone puts a date onto my iCloud calendar, I can't figure out if I can sync it with Google calendar directly (I mainly use the Google calendar web app).  I have to go and manually add the date to my Google calendar.



The reason this is an issue is that since Google calendar is synced with my iCal, when my sidebar notifications show, I will see 2 notifications for the same event.  Obviously this is because the notifications pull from iCal.  When I look in my iCal, there are 2 of the same event/date (1 from iCloud and the other from me manually adding it to Google calendar).  Is there a way to make it sync so that when someone adds something to iCal, it will automatically sync to my Google calendar?  I know if I add something to iCal directly, it will sync and show up in my Google calendar. I wish it would do the same from iCloud.

MBP 15" 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    iCloud calendars don't sync with Google calendars, or the other way around. What do you want to achieve?

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    Basically, when someone adds an event/date to iCloud, or when I add a date to iCloud calendar, it will pull into my desktop iCal app.  I only use the desktop iCal app occassionaly.  I use Google Calendar more often, so I need to copy the event and put it into my Google calendar.  My Google calendar is synced to iCal.  When all is said and done, my iCal shows the event pulled from both Google calendar and iCloud, thus duplicating the event within iCal and within my notification bar on the right of the desktop.

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    How is your Google calendar Sync'd to iCloud, are you using a 3rd party app to do that? or are you just seeing both calendars in iCal. (to check if the Google events are on the iCloud calendar go to www.icloud.com and look at the calendar)

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    my google calendar isn't synced to iCloud - that's what I'm trying to accomplish.  I just see both calendars on iCal, which means I see duplicate events

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    OK, if the result you want is to be able to see events (entered on iCloud) in your Google account calendar you will need (in Google) to subscribe to the iCloud calendar, but if you view both calendars in iCal there will still be duplicates (because you are looking at 2 independent calendars). There is no sync.

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    that would work, but I don't see how to subscribe to my iCloud calendar, there is no web link that I can paste into Google Calendar subscriptions -


    edit - found it, the little beam icon next to the calendar

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    Once you have the URL and paste it in Google it won't work, it's blocked (to stop robots from searching it) so.


    Go to this link


    iCloud Calendar Proxy


    Add your iCloud Calendar to your Google Calendar. Fixes the 'Could not fetch the url because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the url' error.

    And paste the URL into the box, a new URL will be produced, subscribe to the new one in Google.

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    I tried icaltogcal.com, and the new URL "seems" to be loading in Google calendar, but then the calendar from icloud never appears in Google calendar. I have tried this numerous times, and have waited almost 24 hours for something to appear. I have to wonder what has gone wrong, or is there a problem that has now appeared to block the synch from happening. Anyone else having trouble with this?


    I tried using the sharing form the icloud calendar on a MAC, and then using icaltogcal.com. I copied and pasted the new share URL into Google calendar in the subscribe by URL link under "Other Calendars". I can see the link listed as the "webcal://icaltogcal.com/share".....etc. link. Just no events are transferring. Any ideas?

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    No answer to that, it works for me, and takes less than a minute to populate. Sorry.

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    The above URL appears to be broken, it is now directing to a generic web hosting page.


    I too am interested in subscribing to an iCloud calendar from Google, in my case because I need to be able to view my wife's iCloud calendar from my android phone.  But I don't get the "robots.txt" message, instead I get "is not a valid URL" (which it is, because the browser will try to download the calendar).

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    You're right, it seems to be gone?


    Let me see what I can find out.

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    It's back up but something is being fixed right now, check it from time to time.

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    And how long is it supposed to bring the scheduled item on iCloud Calendar into Google?  I posted a meeting at 11:00 on iCloud that will take place at 13:15, saved it.  I go to Google, and is not there ... it is right now 11:41; so 41 minutes after the entry, it still needs to appear in Google Calendar?

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    Try this alternative: http://ical2gcal.com . (quite the same name, but it's a bit different).