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Hi all,


When I load Safari, I typically do one of two things:


1.  Open a new tab to run a search while previously opened GMail loads.

2.  Open GMail, then quickly open another tab to visit a site.


In short, I like to let GMail load while I perform an immediate task that prompted me to open the browser in the first place.  This has never been a problem until the past few weeks, when I began seeing my tabs automatically switched back to GMail.  This typically happens when GMail reaches a point in the loading process (about 30% in) and speeds up quickly.


I'm not sure if this is prompted by GMail or Safari, but I thought someone here might know what to do.  Again, this only happens when GMail is logging in.  It's new behavior to me: I'd never experienced it before the past month, and my browsing routine is the same.


Thoughts on how I might fix this?  I'd appreciate it.