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I want macbook pro sleep and close whole i use iMac display from macbook pro but cannont, I use thunderbolt core plugin of both. any one know ? how to solve it.


Thank you for you time

iMac, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hello, I don't quite understand. The MBP doesn't sleep or such if the disp;ay is connected?

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    Sorry My english not clear, I have macbook pro 2012 and just i bought iMac and i want to use macbook pro plugin to iMac display but must laptop on if laptop close or sleep then wont show on display... hope this clear.

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    You have to have a Keyboard, Mouse and the AC adapter connected to the Macbook Pro to be able to use what Apple calls Clamshell mode. That is where you have an external monitor connected to the MBP and close the lid so the notebook screen turns off but yet the system does not sleep so you can still use it with the external monitor.


    No there is no way to put the MBP to sleep and still use it. That would be like you going to work, Taking a Nap and still doing your job. Can't be done as far as I know.

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    Hello Shootist007

    Now works, I want say many many thank you for helpfuly, I'm go give best rate for you again thank you

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    I use Command + F2 for switch but i would like to use menu list, there have other way for switch ?