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Good day. I have presented the iPhone 5 , I'm in Russia. And it does not send SMS. How can I solve this problem?


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    You probably shouldn't post that kind of stuff on the internet...


    If you can't send messages there might be an issue with your service provider. Can you send imessages over wifi or doesn't that work either.

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    Problems with the operator is not present, all of the other phone works fine. The problem in this phone.

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    Ok so is the problem restricted to iMessages or SMS too?

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    iiMessages work but through e-mail, is not seen my phone number.

    SMS come, but not sent.

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    I've had this happen to me before. What I did was turn imessage off then turn it back on and wait for activation.

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    Activation does not occur but the messages come and go. Tried to restore the firmware that does not work.

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    I will try to explain the problem in more detail.
    There is a telephone bought in usa sprint at full price, it is open international access.
    I Phone is not stolen or lost.

    Here's the full
    information about the phone:
    iPhone 5, Black, 64 GB
    Part No. MD667LL/A
    Serial No. DN*******8GM


    The problem is this. Phone sim card sees all mobile operators to make calls through them, but does not send SMS messages.Internet is working fine. Receive SMS messages right. To test, I inserted the SIM card to another iPhone and it works fine, and SMS messages sent and come.

    These solutions do not help:
    After reviewing your request we're unable to assist you through this channel.

    - For information about unlocking iPhones please review: \"iPhone: About unlocking\"http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5014.

    - If you need assistance with messages, please review: \"iOS: Troubleshooting Messages\"http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2755.


    I went to the Sprint U.S., they were told that nothing can help and send to you. On the support forum, I did not get help.


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    Ok, first things first:


    1) Don't share stuff like your email, phone number, phone serial number or IMEI number on the internet. It is not useful and is potentially threatening to your own self.


    2) These are user forums so Sprint didn't send you to us, they sent you to Apple. Call them or go to an authorised service provider in your country.


    Now, as far as I know, if you bought your phone from Sprint even if you paid full price, you didn't get a phone that's good to use with any operator you choose. To my understanding only Apple sells unlocked phones. That might be the reason why you're encountering issues with the SMS function, but again that's only a theory.


    I'm done with this thread because it doesn't seem likely your problem will be solved by any of our advice. Good luck anyway.

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    SMS failures may be caused by missing or wrong message center number. At least my problem was so.


    try to dial *#5005*7672#


    This will show your operator's message center number. Verify this number.


    If it is missing then you need to set it by dialing




    messagecenternumber is your operator's number.


    In my case(Turkcell) I dialed  **5005*7672*+905329010000#