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This is a very peculiar problem I am having here. Some songs are playing just fine stero on both channels on my MacBook Pro and on my iPhone when using Apple earphones. When played to my stereo-system from Mac or iPhone using either audiocable or AirPlay or Apple TV (1st gen) via AirPlay to Airport Express (1st gen),7.6.3), only the right channel is playing. Change a song, and both channels play fine.

After doing some testing I still can't locate the problem to anything specific but to few songs in my 7602-songs library. These songs are spread over several albums, so the problem is not album/rip/download -based. It can't be hardware settings or cable to my stereo-system either.

I have disabled Equalizer, Sound Check, Dolby Digital, Crossfade, Sound Enchancer on all devices and checked that there aren't any ezualizer settings on the songs either.

I also checked my Audio MIDI settings, seem fine.

ALL my devices are updated to the latest sw.

I am using only one AirPlay AE at a time.


The one song that I have been using as a reference to solve the problem is 256kbps (VBR) Maria Callas (1995) "Madame Butterfly" which I purchased from iTunes Store about a year ago. "Norma: Casta Diva" from the same album is playing both channels.


This problem has existed since last summer, but I have been too busy to try to solve it before.


Is Apple processing the signal somehow differently when streaming to Airport Express or via cable to an external amp?

Does anyone have any clue on this problem, or should I next turn to a shrink for an advice???

All opinions are welcome!

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    So I went to see the shrink, and now the other me solved this problem - let me explane this the best I can

    When my NAD broke down last summer, I dug up our old AudioTehnica (made in the USSR in the 80's) which is using 5-pin DIN connectors. So I went to a nearby cheap store to get the right cable. After some time I noticed the problem, and suspected the cable immediately. I got a new one, this time checked by the salesman. He said the connections show ok.

    Today I was listening an older jazz-album, and noticed a strange sax echo from the left channel, which made me think of L-R-GND -configuration instead of L-GND-R. Measured the cable myself, and fixed the problem by re-connecting. Sounds great.


    Some audiophile I am, really... but the case is now closed.

    I am truly sorry if I caused unnecessary head-scratching to anyone.