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The wi-fi icon at the top right of the menue bar tells me I have a strong wi-fi signal. When I click the firefox icon to go on the net the google page is diplayed, type in a web address and a dilogue box appears "Server cannot be found". Switch the wi-fi off and then on again it works ok; but sometimes, when in the iTunes store you click on a album to view in the light of buying it a dialogue box comes up " no iternet connection". Leave it few a minute click the album again and everythings OK.


Can someone tell me is this a problem with the router or is it a problem with my iMac?


The mac is a late 2010 3.2 GHz intel core 3 with OS X 10.8.3.


Thanks for the help.

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    Wifi problems seem to crop up a lot on here and unfortunately there's never a 'one fix' solution.

    However, I have seen that sometimes any one of the following can help some users although, unfortunately, not always. A bit hit and miss I'm afraid - and in no particular order:

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    Hi Paul-31,


    I have tried differnt channels, the security is wpa/wpa2 etc, etc but the same problem still happens. The only thing I have not done is the DNS numbers because I don't understand what they are.


    Thanks for your help.


    Roger 24

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    About OpenDNS: http://www.labnol.org/internet/tools/opendsn-what-is-opendns-why-required-2/2587 /


    Some don't advocate using either OpenDNS or Google DNS numbers, but many others do.

    I happily use OpenDNS.

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    What kind of router is it?  Some of them are dual band but not simultaneous.  This along with other wifi things in the home can recreate weird situation where it looks like your connected but you're not.  If you can go into your router setup and lock the band to 2.4Ghz and your weirdness go away, this could be your problem.

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    Thanks to Paul ans ssls6, I have done the open DNS numbers so will see how we progress during the day, let you know later the results.



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    Hi Guys,

    Since using the open DNS everything seems to be fine, I have had no boxes come up telling me 'server not found"


    I think the problem has been solved - thanks very much guys really appreciate your help.