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So I have had my logic board replaced 3 times, all before the date listed above, and according to all the information i can find. My macbook pro was covered by the extended repair coverage. Meanwhile I paid for my repairs, and the Apple repair centre refuses to even reply to my emails concerning it.


According to a few sources online, the 2.66 model, though listed as a late 08 model is actually a early 08 model, and thus comes under Apples warranty. It would not be hard to prove this I am sure.


Being that is was a issue of the Graphics Card and occured 3 times i would think my mac the same as the above mentioned extended repair coverage.




Thank you for your time,


Sorry for any inconvinience,

Stewart Meadows

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.3), S/N:Sw*******71c
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    what exactly are you wanting anyone here to do for you?

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    I want to know if i should have been covered. I paid for the repair, when according to information i have found on the 2.6 model i should have been covered. I am curious because of having paid for the repair, if it was covered, could i get another repair done probono...Only reason i looked up this issue again was it is having the same issues.