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I can't get Aperture 3 to stop asking me for my license key. In About Aperture, it says "Trial", but also shows it as licensed to me with my licnse key.


I have tried ALL the recommended solutions I can find that seem to work for others on this forum BUT nothing works. This is pretty stupid.


Platform is 13" MBPr with OS X 10.8.3. All installation and authorization attempted with admin account. Deleteing all Aperture files in between attempts. Repaired permissions also.




1) Installed 3.0 from original purchased full-version disc (authorized during install). Asked for trial or authorization. Repeatedly asked for authorization with a good license (no license error). Nada.

2) Tried the above + deleting the ProApps/ProAppsSystemID + reauthorizing. Nada.

3) Installed 3.0 from original disc (authorized during install) + upgraded to 3.4.3 before authorization. Try to authorize. Nada.

4) Installed 3.0 from original disc (authorized during install) + run once or twice to authorize (which doesn't work) + upgraded to 3.4.3. Try to authorize. Nada.

5) #3 and #4 + #2. Nada.


Reinstalling the system software is not an option (and is a cop-out solution, IMHO).


Any help to be had here?


Is there any way to convert to the App Store version without repurchasing? I suspect a clean install from the App Store would probably work.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 13" MBPr
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    Sometimes the hardest problems have the easiest solutions...because the user is stupid. Yeah, thats me. Somehow I had saved an Aperture 3 trial serial number in a text file and was copying-and-pasting that instead of the serial number printed in my retail packaging.


    The AppleCare rep Christian was a great help in discovering the problem. Correct serial number worked like a charm. Text file updated for future reference.


    Lesson here: always check the details; make no asusmptions.


    Thanks all, including Christian!