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The original problem:


Working in Final Cut 7, I lost the media of a project due to a hard disk error, consequently I had to recaptured the media. I did so doing the following:


  1. 1-    I created a new sequence using media manager and recapture the media from the tapes in a new external hard disk.


  1. 2-    Issue: some of the clips were captured with the name: untitled (different numbers), because I could not capture them simply using the original logged clips. When I open the new project it has clips with media offline and new clips untitled.


  1. 3-    When trying to relink media directly from the sequence (from the new project created in media manager and “Locating” the clip following the path to the Capture folder) a window with this message appear:


Window 1:

Window 1.png



File Attribute Mismatch


Some attributes of one or more of the files you have chosen

do not match the attributes of the original. This may cause

problems within the sequences that are dependent on them.

The attributes that differed are as follows:


  • Media start and End


Would you like to try to connect them again?



Then if I tried to connect, then this another window appear:


Window 2:


Window 2 .png

One or more files not have enough media

to reconnect some clips. Some edited clip items have had

their out point adjusted.



It eventually reconnects, some clips ok, but most of the times the original clip in the sequence is cropped (I get the media in the sequence, but only part of it). Not need to say that this solution is not under consideration!!


When I try to relink media from the Master clips this Windows pops up:


Window 3:

Window 3.png


+"The file does not have proper content to reconnect to "(clip name)" at time (timecode) in sequence "(sequence name".+
+Click "OK" to make this item independent and go to the next clip or "Cancel" to skip all clips from this file."+

When I click "OK" (which I have to do several times because it does not work normally the First time),





I have found in Apple foro that someone has had a similar problema himself:



but :

  1. - I am not sure if it applies to my problem.
  2. - To tell the truth I really can not understand this suggestion because my media clips are already .mov!!


Any other clue, commens suggestions?

I would really appreciete any help.




I picked a random sample of a clip(from those which reliked croped) and those are the resoluts:

  • - sequence duration                                                        00:00:03:20
  • - cropped duration (alter relinked/reconnected) 00:00:01:23


That makes a difference of:                    00:00:01:22


  • - Media clip duration from the capture folder is (00):00:03(00).


It has not sense FC only capture 1:23 if the original video is 03:00 long!!



Any sugestión here??

Thanks a lot!!

  • RatVega™ Level 4 Level 4

    I've seen several instances recently that are similar to this. The problem is usually caused by Media Manager saving the clip without speed change (usually slow motion) information.


    Hope this helps.

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    Hi RatVega


    Thank you very much for your clue..., although I really dont know how to use it!!                                         What do you mean by telling "Media Manager saving the clip without speed change (usually slow motion) information"?

    1- Do you mean that MM save a clip which has been changed in duration/velocity without considereing this change and this cause the recapture problem or

    2- That MM for whaever reason, has catalog with wrong present or something?


    I have a lot of clips with problems..., and I have not changed the speed in all of them....