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I tried to send an email with nine photos.  I couldn't sent it - the little wheel kept rotating and  tried to delate the  e-mail. BUT the mail nowhas been restored again and again without end.addong one  identical mail to the other I have switched off the computer  in the normal way and later by pressing the  "on" button This one mail gets restored over and over . Please help. I have a Mac OS X Version 10.6.8. Zoe43

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    In the left column of the mail application, you should see an "outbox".  Select it, and delete everything you see in it.  Quit the mail application, then re-launch it.  Again, look to see if you have any data in the "outbox".  Once you have all outbox data deleted, try sending an email again

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    Hi, I did all what you KarenSelena wrote. Thanks for the effort.( I delated all mails in the out-box and in the "sent" file. I quit the mail application several times and re-lauched it, I checked again if I had any data left. Now there are no e-mails left.)


    The problem is not solved. Please  do you have another idea? The only remaining idea I got is to give up this e.mail address.

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    If this is an IMAP account read the following


    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57488837-263/fix-os-x-mail-creating-multipl e-recovered-messages/


    If it's a POP account, then select the Mailbox and from the Mailbox menu>Rebuild.

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    Thanks, it looks  if it can help. I followed instructions  and found  the main folder for my e-mail account as described: an IMAP-username@imap.host.com

    I have the German language on my computer. Thus I can't find the  "Terminal utility /in the Applications/Utilities/folder) Could you describe where I found it:in the Library I believe, but where?

    I looked at the image of the screen that is sent with this message.  There you see little triangles behind the IMAP e-mail address  which leads to the cache  In my "libery folder" I don't find little triangles behind the found e-mail account.

    I can't apply Nr. 4 of your text I quote it if someone else will read this and might be able to tell me.

    "4. Next open the Terminal utility (in the /Applications/Utilities/folder)" I can't find all this.

    I need help, my computer can't deal with this multiple-recovered .messages.  It influences all.

    Thanks to you and all who share their wisdom with me!!!


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    Open the Applications Folder and scroll down to Utilities. It's in there. Or just hit Cmd (⌘) key + the spacebar, which will bring up Spotlight. Then type in "ter" This will bring up Terminal. Just select that.

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    I think this is the easiest one for you to try


    Another option instead of the above command is to reveal this hidden folder in the Finder by running the following command to open it:


    open .OfflineCache


    When this is done, right-click the revealed folder (its name should be dimmed gray), and choose the option to move it to the Trash.

    You must hit return or enter after entering a command in Terminal. Best to copy/paste that command in.

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    Wow WZZZ from NYC- you solved my question. I am impressed, it worked and I found "Terminal " . All went well and I simply trsted your suggestions literally and it worked. I am so relieved. Thank you so much!

    My admiration to your professionality. I would like to learn more about my computer. You really inspired me.

    A big hug.  I click the green button now.


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    You are very welcome.