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Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

It seems that I now have two things to complain about.


1. The fact that there is no way to send an email complaint regarding a dissatisfied customer experience. It seems I will have to post this on the forum for everyone to see.


2. AppleCare Plus sales (The actual reason I am complaining).


During a recent visit to my boyfriend who lives in Chicago, I purchased an Ipad at a store in Naperville, IL. I would've also purchased AppleCare Plus but after I was told that the AppleCare Plus service does not extend to Canada I opted not to. This in fact is NOT true as I later discovered. In fact, initially I was told that AppleCare Plus was not available in Canada which I said was impossible since I had AppleCare Plus for my Iphone 5. The salesperson then went to check with his superior and he discovered yes Canada did in fact have the AppleCare Plus service but that if I purchased the US one I would have to return to the US for any issues/replacement. I was told that I would have to purchase the AppleCare Plus here in Canada. After returning to Toronto, I then went on a trip and got really sick upon return. When I finally recovered and remembered to purchase the AppleCare Plus it was 5 days after the 30 day limit. I understand that there is a policy on having to purchase the AppleCare Plus within 30 days of the purchase but I felt like an exception could've been made here as I was erroneously misinformed. In fact, the sales person at the Apple Store in Toronto Eaton Centre was also under the impression that I couldn't purchase AppleCare Plus here for a US bought purchase.


I spent an hour on the phone with a customer service agent named Micah, whom I commend for his patience and understanding. However his superior said that since I had no documented proof of the conversation I had at the original store they could not make an exception to purchase the Apple Care Plus.


I just want to say a few of things that I am very disappointed about. 1) The lack of knowledge of the policies of goods and services that you are selling. I understand that it may be hard to pass on the information to the numerous staff on duty but the fact remains that any one of them could've and SHOULD'VE called to find out and this would've all been avoided.


2) I feel that when I was told that they couldn't make an exception for lack of documented proof that I felt like I was called a liar. I feel that if you want proof of this, the best thing to do would be to send someone to an apple store and just ask them if AppleCare Plus purchased in the states would be covered in Canada. I wasn't asking for the protection plan to be free, nor was my item damaged in any way, why would I lie about this? My intention was to go into the Apple store and LEGITIMATELY PURCHASE the protection plan. I understand that had I the foresight to know that I would've been too ill to go in later on in the month I would've bought it earlier, but the fact remains that I intended to purchase this ON SITE when I purchased the Ipad.


At the very least, I felt that an exception should've been made. I was only 5 days after the 30 day policy.

AppleCare Plus
  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,894 points)

    Calling Apple Care and asking to speak to a supervisor will probably do more good than complaining here to your fellow users. Perhaps some accomodation can be made under the circumstances. I suspect you'll have far more success pleading your case over the phone. See the Contact Us link at the bottom right of every page.


    Best of luck.

  • Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

    I have called already and was on the phone with them for over an hour.

  • ILscientist Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow thats just terrible, I expect a lot more from Apple and their customer service. Especially when their own employees make such an error. I hope they step up and resolve this issue.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)

    I'm not clear on what the "error" was. You cannot buy an AppleCare plan with US dollars in the US and have that plan apply to a Canadian device. There was no mistake in that at all. Also, you mean the OP returned to Toronto from the US and then immediately left on the next trip? There was not break in between? How many days in between? Finally, the OP could have given the iPad to someone else to go to the Apple Store, have it inspected, and buy AppleCare.


    Or the OP could have just purchased the iPad in Canada and purchased AppleCare + at the same time.


    There are time limits for everything. The OP did not see it as being important enough to take it upon themselves to follow up and purchase AppleCare and they are several days past the limit. End of story.

  • Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, when I spoke to the Apple Customer Service I was told I could buy a US AppleCare Plan with US dollars in the US and have that plan apply to both a Canadian and US device. In fact, the device was purchased in the US. Either way, that was the "error". Also, if you had read it completely you would've also read that I didn't deny that I probably should've purchased it immediately upon arrival onto Canadian soil from the airport, but alas, I lacked the foresight.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)

    I'm not sure that Customer Service was correct, but this would not be something that a sales clerk would know. But you still had sufficient time to purchase it and as you said, you lacked the foresight.


    Just get a good case for it, be careful with it, come here if you have any problems after 90 days of purchase for help and you should easily get 2 years use out of the iPad and save yourself the money. Use what you would have spent on a good protective case.

  • Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

    I have purchased a protective case. Ultimately it is a loss for Apple, since they've lost a sale of $99 on something that I probably won't end up using much of and now they have me thinking doubting what their sales agents really know. And now as you say, potentially their customer service employees as well. Are you saying that the protection plan is unnecessary?


    Also, I just want to clarify that I had one weeks time from the purchase of my ipad to the time I left for the trip. I anticipated that I would've had time after the trip but as I had previously stated, I caught something from the trip that made me too ill to go in. With regards to "foresight" I meant I lacked the "foresight" that I was going to get sick after the trip. With a week between trips, ipad applecare protection was not the most important thing on my mind.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)

    Yes, I am saying if you purchased a good protective case, you are careful with your iPad (don't drop it in the toilet) and you bookmark this site you will not need that plan. Spend the money on something else.


    This is not something an employee would deal with everyday. There is no way that any company, or person, can have 100% right answers every time. But you still had 7 days to rectify the issue, regardless what you were thinking about, I'm sure your parents tried to teach you not to wait until the last minute, and you could have had someone else take it in when you were sick.

  • Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

    I thank you for your suggestion to buy a case, which I had done the same time as buying the ipad (not last minute) and your suggestion to not waste my money on the protection plan.


    Please don't bring make it personal and bring my parents into it. My parents taught me to buy the insurance plan from the start which is what I attempted to do. Things happen, I am sure you have had situations where you just did not have time to go into a store to purchase the plan which was what I intended to do. It's fine that the employee didn't have the right answer but I shouldn't be penalized for it either. I thought the fairest thing and the best customer service policy would have been to simply make an exception which I gathered from my conversation with customer service which is something within their means.


    All said and done however, I'm glad you concede that they in fact did "err" by not having the right answers.


    Thank you for your input.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)

    Ok, we will call it contributory negligence.

  • Mimsters Level 1 (0 points)

    You're entitled to your opinion. At the end of the day, all this could have been avoided had I been given the right information in the first place and Apple would've gotten a sale of $99 and one less disgruntled customer.

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    Funny how the exact same thing happened to me, I was given misleading information by a certain carrier in Canada where I had purchased my Iphone they told me I have 30 days to come back to the store and get the apple care. That turned out to be not true 30 days and a few hours later I call apple and they tell me they cant sell it to me since more than 30 days have passed. Spoke to the superviser I was on the phone with them for at least 1 hour as a consumer that was by far the worst customer service experience ever. I dont know what everybody sees in Apple and their products but I've been extremly disapointed by their products and services.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,894 points)

    So the carrier, not Apple, gave you bad information. Why are you blaming that on Apple? I'm confused. Why weren't you on the phone with the carrier demanding they somehow make good on what they told you?

  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    they told me I have 30 days to come back to the store and get the apple care.


    That is entirely correct in Canada. If, however, you do not purchase AppleCare+ at the time you purchase the iPhone, you can only then buy AppleCare+ directly from Apple and have to have your iPhone inspected for proper operation by Apple at an Apple Store



    Purchase from the online Apple Store and remote verification may also be available, though I'm not sure Apple offers that in Canada.


    If you didn't go to purchase AppleCare+ within 30 days of the original sale of the iPhone, however, but waited longer as you seem to indicate in your post, then you were no longer eligible.


    So I'm not sure what your complaint is.



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