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So I wanted to free some disk space and moved all my movie files in the trash. When I openedimovie  imovie all the files were gone, how do I get them back in imovie?

iPhone 4S
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    Which device - iMac (the forum you posted in) or your iPhone (the only thing listed in your profile)? And, which OS version?


    In general, on the iMac: if you emptied the trash and do not have a backup, the files are gone unless you want to stop using your Mac immediately and contact a data recovery company.


    Not sure if the iPhone functions exactly the same way, but it's most likely similar: without a backup (did you sync it previously/back it up??), you are out of luck I believe.

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    Hi so, imac OSX 10.6.8, not iphone (not sure why that appeared)

    No no, I didn't empty the trash, infact I retrieved the imovie folders from the trash and have them on my desktop but don't know how to proceed from here...


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    If they are still in the Trash, it is easy: simply highlight the folder/file and choose Finder > File > put back. If you moved them and they were in the iMovie support folders, simply move them back into the same place (should be in Movies > projects and/or events).


    As long as you do not have your project exported as a Quicktime movie for instance, you cannot get rid of any files. You also need to remember that you need as much disk space empty and available as you have in your project for rendering and editing purposes.

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    Thank you very much!

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    You're welcome - happy movie-making!