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This has been happening for months now and I have been waiting for an update to fix it, thinking it was an app-wide problem, but no such update has come. I have no idea what to do at this point and am just becoming increasingly frustrated with the entire program.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Try my suggestions in this thread (particularly about trashing iMovie's preference file):





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    I tried both solutions and neither worked /: I even completely trashed the "com.apple.iMovieApp.plist" file and the app still crashed as soon as I tried to import video. I tried the second one, but there was no file named "3ivxVideoCodec.component", so I deleted all of the other files and the app still crashed every time.

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    Can you tell us what type of video file you are trying to import to iMovie please.


    Try opening the file in QuickTime. If it opens and plays OK, from the menu select Window > Show Movie Inspector. In the Inspector, what does it show for Format and Frames Per Second (FPS)?


    Any other information about the video will be helpful, including whether it was shot on a camera/camcorder (include Model No.) or whether it was downloaded or from another source.


    Also, please indicate how you are importing the video.




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    It's not any specific file! Sorry if I confused you.


    Literally, I click "Import" and it'll open the Browser window & shut itself down. Every single time.