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A strange (and rather annoying) bug I noticed tonight when attempting to view (let alone download) prior TV Show purchases from the iTunes Store app on an iPod Touch 4G.


Every time I attempted to view the purchased episodes from one particular series (having about 160 individual episodes), the iTunes Store app would force quit.  Just prior to the force quit, the on screen spinning gear (center screen, not the smaller gear spinning in the top status bar) would freeze at a certain point.


Strangely, it is not happening with all purchased titles/seasons - only with titles having at least 100 or more episodes purchased. (100 is currently the minimum crash criteria at the time of this writing)


The crash log I've attached below seems to indicate that this is a memory issue, as Diagnostics data created a "LowMemory" crash report .plist immediately afterward.


A reset and restore did not alleviate, but I was sort of not expecting it to, as this issue may be more related to what the device is able to retrieve from the servers at one time given the onboard RAM of the device.  As a comparison, my iPhone 4S (an A5 device) does not appear to replicate this.  Both devices are 64 GB capacity, with the iPhone actually having *less* free storage space available than the Touch.


I remember that the iTunes Store/App Store/iBookstore were revamped when iOS 6 was initially released to the public out of beta - is it possible that these enhancements to the stores cannot appropriately be handled by A4 (and below) devices because of onboard memory issues?


(come to think of it - my 1G iPad also force quits out of all three stores after a certain period of time...)


Any info will help - much appreciated!




[crash log]



Incident Identifier: 95847AC5-4188-4686-9261-1FF9FE4F4991



Wednesday, March 27, 2013 10:43:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Incident Identifier: 95847AC5-4188-4686-9261-1FF9FE4F4991

CrashReporter Key:   809c51cbdf1b2f03fc88b613c2f348991196dc2d

Hardware Model:      iPod4,1

OS Version:          iPhone OS 6.1.3 (10B329)

Kernel Version:      Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: Wed Feb 13 21:36:52 PST 2013; root:xnu-2107.

Date:                2013-03-27 22:40:08 -0400

Time since snapshot: 98 ms


Free pages:        494

Active pages:      1747

Inactive pages:    840

Throttled pages:   49290

Purgeable pages:   0

Wired pages:       11072

Largest process:   MobileStore



     Name                    <UUID>                       rpages       recent_max       [reason]          (state)


     MobilePhone <51866c9bc9f93c9d8526e8acf9efc64c>         1070             1070         [vm]         (resume) (continuous)

            tccd <2778744d99a530c9a7d5e57a19b60008>          155              155         [vm]         (daemon)

     MobileStore <fb27a909864031ce9fc516f19baf8819>        46770            46770         [vm]         (frontmost) (resume)

    mediaserverd <af72564bf8713fb8b16ee64c5ee85568>          612              612                      (daemon)

         syslogd <da215e2d3de133bf8f52590727b9bdfe>          119              119                      (daemon)

       locationd <137100f254373daeb894f665c413f8b0>          578              578                      (daemon)

           wifid <72eda25ccdd737a79d6cd172e9bf99a5>          273              273                      (daemon)

   iaptransportd <9b3cf56b4db13761bbd8ac2e0ff099be>          209              209                      (daemon)

     SpringBoard <bd1d77d154ef3dffbb53d89337c8a08f>         1996             1996                   

      backboardd <e1dc74434e0e3938b17ff0f7ad85d138>         8766             8766                      (daemon)

       lockdownd <a123aa04ddf83a5fae8e5bc08f0b5771>          164              164                      (daemon)

          powerd <63673a83ac9c3cf98fdc75df8ba70fd0>          131              131                      (daemon)

   mDNSResponder <1e651badfb7033a68a73a667ec480a08>          218              218                      (daemon)

   fairplayd.N81 <77e375dae58c351aab5a79484c487bd7>          199              199                      (daemon)

  UserEventAgent <7ee3410c25e4372d84e93318fe42696b>          427              427                      (daemon)

filecoordination <28ca39773e933ed2aa92c117c661d056>          129              129                      (daemon)

       distnoted <699b8253736233b29180419f139e8c01>          102              102                      (daemon)

            apsd <5be27dc5ea5234319bc4b47380e42174>          312              312                      (daemon)

        networkd <49064febbe553338bd98051399022da4>          168              168                      (daemon)

      aggregated <c5a375854c3c31d59548ab53ea86d194>           86               86                      (daemon)

       fseventsd <3ea853cb95de3aa48972aa42637af69a>          202              202                      (daemon)

        BTServer <af0150d5085e326598edff072a23d146>          223              223                      (daemon)

         imagent <2b64c6111aa63b179a15afd6a76a6696>          333              333                      (daemon)

         configd <b6a4d70640b63e8f82e0e9f3d6ee2bb9>          360              360                      (daemon)

         notifyd <67a17b0c297e3785a9e09b8e72f3636a>          150              150                      (daemon)

     ReportCrash <68e323272a9d37c58ba4cdf1279764c4>          257              257                      (daemon)



iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6.1.3, 64 GB