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          I have had logic 9 for a long time now, but all of a sudden today when I was recording vocals and playing an instrument piano (pop piano), when I press the recording button in cycle record, I can record my vocals fine , the pop piano makes the green recording track with the midi notes, but after I reach the end of the cycle record and the loop begins again, the midi notes do not play on the piano track again, but jump to a different midi track, and start playing the piano part that i played with a new instrument track like superior drumer.  So to explain.  I can record the piano with the record on with the cycle loop on and it shows that the piano is playing and recording midi notes, but when it cycles around again, the part that I played with the piano jumps a track above and then the drums of superior drumer are playing the last passed midi piano part while I am recording a new pass.  This is notrecord capture, or playing while the record button in not on.  That works fine and i can capture record and sort through the midi files.  It's when I press the record button.



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Does this happen in all projects (including a new one) or just this specific project?


You might want to check Settings:Recording to see what you have for Overlapping MIDI Recordings?




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