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I have just purchased a Fujifilm X20 camera and was surprised to find that RAW (.RAF) files taken by it are not supported by Apple Aperture. Seems that X10 users are still waiting for this to happen as well. This is hugely disappointing as the supplied Fuji software is just sooooo PC. Does anyone have any idea at all when such support will be forthcoming? Surely if Adobe can issue the needed updates to camera RAW (not yet for the brand new X20) then Apple should be able to do likewise. Aperture is a Pro application and should receive pro support.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Have a look at the list of supported cameras:

          Apple - Aperture - Technical Specifications - RAW Support


    There are only four supported Fuji cameras in total. Apple is usually very quick to support new Nikon and Canon cameras, but there must be problem with the cooperation between Fuji and Apple to exchange the technical data required for the raw support. The special new sensor of the Fuji will make the raw developement difficult without the support of the manufacturer. I cannot find any cameras on the list of of supported cameras that have non-Bayer sensors.


    You may want to send feedback to Apple that you are waiting for the raw support  http://www.apple.com/feedback/aperture.html  - and to Fuji as well!




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    I am an Apple addict but sometimes I think that Apple is no longer interested in keeping Aperture up-to-date and focus on iphoto and mainstream cameras instead. I thought for a long time that a new release would be launched but nothing happened. So I've decided to switch back to Lightroom. I could have waited forever. I did not regret my decision.


    Version 4 works smoothly with Fuji X20 (and other x-trans sensor cameras). In fact, shooting raw with the X20 is almost mandatory as the jpeg engine is not yet optimal.


    Raw conversion in Lightroom is easy. I have a preset with clarity up, highlights down, and some addtl contrast in lights/darks and that's it.



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    Do you mind sharing your preset specifics.  I too love the x20 as a compement to my big body dSLR (well not that big), but I'm not interested in reinventing the wheel with trying to tweak Lightroom the way I'd like it to handle RAFs.  My plan is to still utilize Aperture to organize my library, but use LR as a RAF converter.


    If you can share your optimal settings, I'd certainly appreciate it.  I cant hold my breath for an Camera Raw Update to include the x20.




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    An update to Adobe Camera Raw including the X20 has just been released. Now if only Apple would issue and update as well.....

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    Agreed...but for now LR is the only way that is suitable...Silkypix feels like I'm running a UNIX emulator running a Windows emulator running 3.11 software.  CUH-LUNKY

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    I am still testing what my favorite presets are. So, any advice might be ill advice. Jsut try a few shots and play with highlights, shadows, lights, darks, noise reduction, clarity, vibrance, and color saturation. For most of my shots so far, I use: NR (Lum) set to 10, lights +15, darks -15 (resulting in a modest S-curve). One reason is that I prefer detail instead of lack-of-noise. NR will increase when ISO rises. Highlights and shadows to your liking. Same for color-specific saturation. Otherwise LR default (incl sharpening en color NR.

    I hardly do anything with WB because it is usually OK.


    The basic message is: be conservative in your PP!


    One thing to keep in mind: shooting ETTR is recommended. Don't use DR400, DR200 at the most.


    Out of curiosity: Will you be using Aperture as library for the jpegs resulting from the LR conversion? Have you considered using LR for all your X20 photos and Aperture for your dSLR?

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    Hi pniev,


    Thanks for sharing. Since I'm strictly an Aperture user, my plan was to simply convert the RAFs to TIFF and then reimport to Aperture to do final adjustments.


    I think either way of managing libraries would require the same amount of work; I just like knowing my images are all in one unified library/location. However, I'd welcome any insights you may have on using one application for each camera...

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    I'm with you all the way when it comes to Aperture, I love it. I use it with Photoshop and Topaz plugins and it's about all I need. However, since it won't process RAFs taken with a X20 my workaround has been similar to your own. I either process them in Adobe Camera Raw or Raw File Converter (Silkypix) then I save them as tiffs and import them to Aperture. It certainly adds to the workflow so I'm hoping for an Aperture update soon.

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    I add myself to the list of who's waiting for a RAF support by Apple. In the meanwhile I'll be using Adobe Camera Raw with its latest update that works great. At the same time I'm sure Apple won't be too late in releasing its own.

    Enjoy your X20, it's marvellous!