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Okay, so every now and then all of our Apple products (iPod Touch, iPhone and 2 iPads) suddenly can't connect to the internet. It just keeps on saying "Unable to join network." We usually fix this by resetting the router. The problem is that this only happens to our Apple products. My computer and laptop can use our wi-fi just fine. We only had this problem after we changed our router. Anyone know how to fix this?

iPod touch (3rd generation), iOS 5.1.1
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    Sounds like it is time for a new router You said you reset the router? Just what did you do? Did you really erase all the resetting and reset up the router? If not I would try that. Also, go to the manufacturer' support site and check for a firmware update.

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    Well, I don't know what happened but after I reset our router last night, everything seems to be fine. Our iPods are able to join the network and I haven't had to restart our router since last night. I also checked the firmware and it's the latest version. Maybe I just needed to reset the router until it worked? Anyway, thanks for the reply.