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Server (to which I am connected): MacMini (Late 2012) 10.8.3,

Computers (with whom I am connected): MBP 2008 10.8.3, iMac 2011 10.8.3.


After connecting I open any Finder window and try to select files with the mouse (or Command-A). The window is not updated. If you move the window on the desktop, it is updated. All these actions are performed without the monitor connected to the server.


If you connect an external monitor, so no problem. When connected to the monitor to send the image looks much smoother.


This problem does not occur if the map files in the list view. The problem is present, if the map as icons.


Tried to restart the server - did not help.

Tried to install Combo update 10.8.3 - did not help.


The problem occurred suddenly, it seems after I added the video in iTunes. (That is up to the challenge I did not install any software or not an administrator password).


How to fix it?


Here's a short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtG1t6q9eFI


Also there is a server MacMini 2010 (10.6.8) - there are no such problems.