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Hi, I have an iPod touch version 4.3.5 (ML1). Model is MC540C.



It has been provided for me from work, but I can use it as I wish.



The apps that are installed are:


  • Facetime
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Camera
  • Videos
  • YouTube
  • Stocks
  • Notes
  • Weather
  • Utilities
  • App Store
  • Game Center
  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • iTunes
  • Safari
  • Maps
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • "one app installed by company"



The last app is needed for when I do work. It doesn't need to run on the background. When I'm doing work, I need to input some information in that app, and sync it to my company's server.


I would like to install some apps (free) of my choosing. But I'm coming across a hurdle...




  1. I choose "App Store" in Home.
  2. I search for a free App (for example the Google Search app by Google Inc)
  3. I'm taken to the app's info screen. I tap the blue "Free" button.
  4. The button becomes a green "Install App" button.
  5. I get a pop-up box saying

Apple ID password




How can I install apps of my choosing without having a "work app" get deleted? This work app was installed on the "jsmith@company.com" Apple ID.


Thank you.