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I've got three Airport Expresses which connect wirelessly to my router (BT Homehub3). Two are used purely for Airplay, the third one also provides a wired connection to another device.

I recently added an iMac to the wireless network, and had to change the wireless security settings on the router - couldn't get the iMac to work with WPA, so switched to WEP. This meant that I had to re-confugure the AEs. Two were re-configured successfully, but the third one is causing problems, flooding the wireless network when it tries to connect. I have to unplug it, and reboot the router to get the wireless network up again.


I've tried a factory reset (switch off, hold reset button, switch power on, holding button until LED flashes), but as soon as I start Airport Utility, the device is recognised with the name that I gave it, rather than the Airport ID. I can configure it using Airport Utility 6 and an ethernet cable to my router, but as soon as it restarts (ethernet cable unplugged), it crashes my wireless network.


If I do a factory reset and configure it using my older iMac (Airport Utility 5), it shows as the Airport ID, but still crashes my wireless network. Also, Airport Utility 5 doesn't give me the option to select which wireless network I want the AE to join. It automatically picks the wrong network!


How can I do a proper factory reset, and also make Airport Utility "forget" the device, so that I can configure it from scratch?

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen)
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    Well, I still can't get it to connect to my main wifi network (router), but I have managed to get it to connect to the other wireless network (Time Capsule).

    No idea why 2 out of 3 AEs will connect to the main wireless network, but this one won't. All the settings are the same in Airport utility 6, and they are all running the latest firmware.


    To get it to (sort of) work, I held the reset button down as I switched on the power, and kept the button pressed until the light went off.

    I connected wirelessly to the AE's own Airport ID from my iMac, and set up the name and password, also the wireless settings. Airport Utility said "update failed", as it wouldn't connect to the wireless network.

    I then connected using ethernet, and changed the wireless settings so that it connected to the Time Capsule.

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    There are three Airport resets, soft, hard and factory default.