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The main (or only) use of this mac is gonna be to gather all my music and maybe a few videos in the itunes, so i can sync all my other apple products there. As I see it, I'm standing  between the "Air: 13-inch : 256GB" or the "Pro: 13-inch: 2.5GHz". I do want one with as long lifespan as possible (not thinking of the battery, but how many years it'll approximately lasts). So I'm just wondering if someone can cast their view/opinion on my situation.

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    Both are excellent machines. For myself I would get the MacBook Air and add on an external hard drive where I would keep my music / videos / photos / movies.

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    I own both.  I have a 2012 13 Macbook Air and a late 2011 13 Inch Macbook Pro.


    I like using the MB Air when I'm travelling since it's light and can fit my backpack perfectly.  It's pretty fast too.


    For long term use however, I prefer my 13 Inch Macbook Pro for it's RAM and Hard Drive upgrade options.


    Don't get me wrong - you can upgrade the flash drive in your MB Air if you need more space - RAM however, you're stuck with what you bought.


    In my 13 Inch Macbook Pro - I have my RAM maxed out at 16GB and my original hard drive, replaced  by a 240GB Kingston Hyper X - now, I have a very fast Macbook Pro.


    As for how long it will last - it all depends on how you use it. If you don' drop it or bang it around - either one will last you long enough.  I just sold my Original 2008 Macbook Air and it was still in mint shape and battery still last a few hours.


    Too add - I also still have my late 2008 Macbook Uni - all I did was maxed out the RAM to 8GB and installed a 120GB Sandisk Extreme SSD - now it's pretty fast too.


    If you don't need the superdrive and future upgrade - go with the Macbook Air - it's light and has a better screen.


    But if you want to be able to upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive in the future and you need the superdrive - Then them 13 Inch Macbook Pro is for you.


    Good luck - and if you're not happy with your first purchase - you can always return it and exchange it within 14 days of your purchase date.