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I use computers, but I don't claim to understand how they work, so please excuse what may seem like a dumb question.

I liked Snow Leopard more than Mountain Lion (the missing scroll arrows) and the older version of iTunes more than the current one, and its recent predecessors. Therefore, I'm going to start using the Snow Leopard side of my hard drive. That will solve half of the problem, but I still have a problem with iTunes. How can I reinstall an earlier version of iTunes that existed before Apple ruined it? I suppose I can just uninstall iTunes when in the Snow Leopard side of my hard drive, but how do I obtain an older version of iTunes to install? Also, I'm not sure when iTunes went wrong, so which version should I install? I want a version that allows me to type an artist in the iTunes search window to produce one continuous list of all of the recordings by that artist in my iTunes library. Similarly, I want to be able to type in the title of a song to produce one continuous list of all of the versions of that song in my iTunes library. Of course, if this can be done with the current version of iTunes, I'd appreciate knowing how to do it.

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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    Niku wrote:


    Of course, if this can be done with the current version of iTunes, I'd appreciate knowing how to do it.

    Click in the Search field on the magnifying glass and unselect "search entire library." Also, pull down View > Show Sidebar.

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    Michael Allbritton,


    This looks like a promising start. I clicked on the magnifying glass in the iTunes search bar, and typed in "search entire library". That produced a drop down menu entitled, "search entire library". In this drop down menu were the following: All, Song, Album, Artist, Composer.


    I was able to move the checkmark around to apply to any one choice, but I was not able to delete the checkmark entirely, or to make it apply to more than one.It seemed as if it had to apply to one of those I mentioned above. If that's the way it's supposed to be, where should I apply the checkmark?

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    Do not type anything in the search field. Click on the magnifying glass... A small menu drops down. Next to "search entire library" is a check. Click the check to remove it. This will restore the previous search behavior.

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    Michael Albritton,


    That didn't help, but I haven't yet done your last step. Maybe that's all that's missing. As I understand your instructions, I should click on  VIEW in the menu bar. Okay, but I don't see the "Show Sidebar" you mention. Where is that?

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    The "Show Sidebar" option was in my VIEW drop down menu this morning, but clicking on it didn't help. My iTunes search bar stil only shows one 40-second recording by Karen Carpenter, but I know that there are at least two more because I can retrieve them by typing their titles into the iTunes search bar. I also played them.


    I'm wondering if it might help to completely uninstall iTunes and then reinstall it. For years I complained about the lousy quality of so many websites. There were so many ways in which they were defective, or so I thought. Then, someone had me trash certain of my Safari preferrrences, and I found out that the problem had been with my browser, not the websites. Could it be that my problem with iTunes is simply that some of its preferrences have become corrupted? If so, that won't help me, because I'd get lost trying to find the right ones to fix.


    Finallly, just to make sure that I'm not wasting my time, are you saying that if my version of iTunes (11.02) was operating correctly, I would be able to do the things I have mentioned, i.e., produce a continuous list of all the recordings of a particular artist in my iTunes library by typing that artist's name into the iTunes' search bar?

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    Yes, if you remove the check from "search entire library," in the search box the search will work just as it did in version 10.

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    I unchecked it yesterday, but I had to do it again today. I hope it's  not something I'll have to do everytime I use iTunes. Anyway, it works--in the "new" iTunes format. I still dislike this style very much, but I've decided to live with it rather than go to the trouble of bringing back my preferred format.