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I thought my iPod had died, and when I described the symtoms to a repairman, he told me that it would be a waste of money to try and fix it. So I bought a replacement, which I don't like as much as my old Nano. Anyway, my Nano started working again, so I have decided to do as much as possible to get it working optimally. Here are two warnings/notices that now keep appearing on my screen. What do they mean, and can/should I do something about them?


(1) "Mac OSX can't repair the disk "My Name's iPod." You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can't save changes to files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can."


(2) The iPod "My name's iPod" cannot be synced. you do not have the provilege to make changes".




I don't know what they mean by "disk" for one thing.

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    The disk, in this case, is the iPod's storage.  From your computer's "perspective," the iPod's storage is just like your hard drive's storage, or a CD.  It's a "disk" that stores data.


    So (1) is saying that the iPod's data (on the disk) is corrupted in a way that Mac OS X cannot fix.  The rest of it is saying you should copy off important files before the problem gets worse, which does not really apply for an iPod.  Then "reformat" to give it a fresh start.


    For (2), I'm not sure why you don't have privileges, but it may be related to the iPod's storage having data corruption.


    The best thing to do is to Restore the iPod using iTunes.  The button for Restore is on the iPod's Summary tab, when you select it in iTunes.  This will erase ("reformat") the iPod's disk, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.  If there are no major hardware problems, in terms of data and software, your old iPod will be like when you first used it.

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    I'm encouraged. I'm even going to print the 66-page iPod Nano manual, which I found in the iTunes' HELP section. For now, however, I need help with your instructions. I couldn't find the Restore button. I typed iPod into the iTunes' search bar, and I found "Create New version>Create iPod or iPhone version," but the latter was grayed-out. Where is the Restore button?


    I'd also like to thank you for bringing my attention to the Apple Support Community Menu bar, and your Restore did it. For years I've been saying that a "Spell-Check" was badly needed, but I never got around to complaining. Now, I see that it has always been available. Talk about "Tunnel Vision," I have frequently used the qjuotation marlks, but I somehow never explored the other features. Forget the emoticon, though, I'm no longer a teen-ager.

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    First, you need to select your iPod in iTunes.  In the latest version of iTunes, the sidebar is may be hidden.  If so, go up to the iTunes menu bar, and under View, select Show Sidebar.  In the sidebar, under DEVICES, you should see your iPod listed.  Select it there.


    Over to the right, toward the top of the window, there is a row of "tabs."  It starts with Summary.  That is the Summary tab, which has some general options for the iPod.  The Restore button is there.

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    Okay, I found it after restarting my computer. I found the Restore button, but before clicking on it, I want to make sure that it means what I think it means. If I click on Restore, does it mean that all of the songs now in my iPod will be deleted?

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    Yes, as I said, This will erase ("reformat") the iPod's disk, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.


    Erasing the iPod's storage is necessary, if it currently has serious data corruption.  If you want to save the songs on it now, you can try to off-load them, assuming the data problems do not prevent it.  You cannot transfer song files from iPod to computer using iTunes (except for songs from the iTunes Store), but it is possible using third-party methods and utilities.  If you do a Google search on something like "iPod transfer," you should get some links.

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    Okay, thanks. I'll check "iPod transfer" and other similar sites before deciding what to do, but you have certainly answered my questions in the  most comprehensive and helpful ways imaginable. Thanks, again.