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I just recently purchased a Fanatec Headshot usb mouse and it does not work.  The middle scroller does what its supposed to.  It scrolls up and down, it clicks.  Moving the mouse moves the cursor.  There is just two MAJOR problems.  When I click or right click, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!  I contacted Fanatec Co. and I am still waiting for a response.  I contacted apple and they told me I got a broken mouse.  I contacted the seller I bought from and he's willing to send me another mouse, but if it is not compatible, then its pointless.  I downloaded SteerMouse, thinking it would help.  To my suprise, when I open SteerMouse and click initialize, it recognized the click and right click, but it still can make them functional.  HELP ME!!!

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), LATE 2008 UNIBODY