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I would like to use the audio of one clip...I then want to use other video clips...I am making a music video...how do I do it?


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  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (31,915 points)
    * hit Apple-? to launch the integrated help of any iApp, "extract audio" will give you an answer; I recommend to read & do the http://www.apple.com/ilife/tutorials/
    * hit Apple-J to extract any audio from any choosen clip; you can then copy/paste the audio or delete just the video of a clip...
    * in the expert settings of "QT export" you find "aiff" as export option to get just the audio of selected clip(s), for use in other projects....
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    Hi Mr peacock:

    Welcome to discussions!

    I'm sure that you are asking something fairly simple to do-I just am not sure what it is.

    Do you want to extract the audio from one clip and keep the other audio intact? Do you want to use the audio from one clip of your movie but delete all the rest?

    Sorry I'm so confused here-

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    I have a Video clip (audio and Video) of a song I wrote and performed...I want to keep the audio part of the tape and take some other video and edit it to make a music video...

    As you said, I want to use the audio from one clip of my movie but delete all the rest and put new video over the sound tract..

    Does this help?

    How do I do it?

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    Hi Mr P:

    Well, the way I would do it is, I would take the video with the audio that I wanted to use and extract the audio ( Advanced --> extract audio). Then I would delete the video portion once the audio was by itself on the audio line.

    Then I would "share" just the audio as Quicktime -->.aiff file and save it to the desktop.

    Close that imovie. Open a new movie and edit the video you want to use and then import the audio that I had just saved.

    I think you'll need QT Pro for this...

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    I think I wrote something like that...
    but maybe I'm invisible...
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    iMovie lets us export the audio of a project directly to an audio file we can import to other projects.

    Choose File > Export, click on QuickTime, set the popUp menu to "Expert Settings", press Share, then from the top popUp menu, choose "Sound to AIFF". Choose the level of quality you want from the bottom popUp menu, then Save.

    You can import that file to any iMovie project. Also put it in iTunes.

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    I think all three of us wrote the same thing-just in our own way...;))

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    Thanks Karl!

    Your procedure worked great, and even better for my purposes (copying audio clips to shorten in Audacity before use in iDVD drop zones), in the Export menu you can select the box to "Share selected clips only."

    The main advantage for me is that it doesn't mute the audio like extracting audio does. I didn't know about that earlier, and after extracting an audio clip for iDVD, i exported the movie to iDVD and created and burned a project which contained a silent video clip. (I now presume that if i reset the clip volume after audio extraction the movie would then export correctly to iDVD, but i didn't try it after learning this method.)

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