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Is there a setting to show new voicemail on my lock screen?


If I miss seeing or hearing an incoming message and don't check my voicemail manually, I miss many voicemail messages for long periods of time.


Is there a setting that notifies you of a new voicemail on your lockscreen, or at least on your home page of apps?  A notification that stays there till you listen to the actual message?



iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    You will get a badge app icon on the phone app showing your missed call.  When you open the phone app, you'll have a badge app icon on "voicemail" on the bottom showing you have an unheard voicemail.  There's no lock screen notification.

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    Do you use visual voicemail? I have a little red box with a number in the corner saying how many unheard voicemails i have every time i get one.

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    You should get a notification on the lock screen yes It should tell you the #, and a missed call, and if there is a voicemail message. Once you unlock the screen the notification is gone and the only reference will be the phone badge as talked about in the above post.




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    Never noticed that before.  Guess I opend the lock screen before the voicemail was added to the notification.

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    The phone badge does not seperate out missed calls and messages. ex one missed call plus a message from the same caller still gets marked as 2.  It could of been 2 missed calls no messages.


    You do not see the whole story until you open the phone app and it is clearly marked.


    And yes that notification of a voicemail will stay there until you listen to it.


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    Wow. Never realizeded that.  The red dot is always there


    Reason that wasn't useful to me until no was that i had let old voicemails that I hadn't listened to for one reason or another pile up so that number in the red dot became meaningless to me since I did not keep track if it went from 38 to 39, say.


    So now I listened to all of them and erased many so that the number in the red dot is reset to 0 - actually there is no red dot at all, but once I do get a new voicemail it will reappear.  Now I just have to train myself to look for the red dot with number in it as an indicator of new unlistened to voice mails.






    That other nifty feature that has a new voicemail appearing on the lock screen - I bet that's an iPhone 5 or 4S feature.  I have an iPhone 4.