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So I am so frusterated!!!! I just bought an Iphone 5, I had about 1,500 mp3s on my old iPhone 4. Before swaping phones I backed up my iPhone 4 to itunes, the verizon guy said everything, including playlists, would be restored onto my new phone. I restored my iPhone 5 with the backup and lost all my playlists and 600 mp3s!!!!!! I quickly noticed they were mp3's that i got from a different source (other than the itunes store). Anyways, It took me about two days but I finally got my purchased music on my new phone, but my 600 non-purchased mp3's wont show up!!!! I can't even import them into iTunes!!!! Ive read like 50 blogs and have tried everything but nothing seems to be working!!! I've dragged and droped (didnt work), I've added the mp3s to the itunes music file (didn't work), I've wasted $25 on itunes match (didn't work), ive tried to import/add folder/add file/etc (didn't work), i can't changed the format to ACC, I've created a new itunes media folder (didn't work), NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING TO ADD THESE FILES TO THE LIBRARY!!!!! Its killing me to lose about $600 worth of mp3 files...... Itunes 11.0.2 *****!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!! Im using a PC with windows XP btw.... Im about to pull my hair out.... Is anyone else having this same issue?! 

Itune, iOS 6.1.3