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I've just got a new iMac 27" and I can't get it to rest for more than 15 minutes. If I don't touch it for 15 minutes, it will start beeping (keyboard key down sound) continously. I've enabled the keyboard viewer and I can see that the F5 key is getting stuck while I'm not touching it. Then after that I can't get a capital T with shift+t, it just doesn't work anymore, but I can with CAPSLOCK + t. Go figure.

When I reboot the computer everything works fine again, for 15 minutes.

I've tried to switch off the keyboard, unpair/pair it again, nothing works except the reboot.


Now here is where it gets weird:

* If I use a USB keyboard, I don't have any issue with the new iMac.

* If I use the iMac keyboard with a Mac Mini, I don't have any issue with the keyboard.


So, keyboard? iMac?

Any idea what I could do?

I'm going to bring the keyboard back but to show the guys it's faulty is barely possible.

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    Me and my better half are seeing some very similar issues with our iMac. The keyboard just randomly starts acting weird, I get the joy of repeated T's being entered, regardless of me pressing it or not. Its very inconsistant though, sometimes it just blocks and won't allow me to press anything. A reboot "fixes" the problem.


    There's also problems with the mouse, suddenly it will start lagging very badly. This is far more frequent for me. So I had to change to a USB mouse.


    Basically, it seems like bluetooth is pretty broken on OSX. I'm pretty surprised by this, the amount of little issues I've seen on our new iMac is quite worrying.

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    You are answering a 2  year old post. Why don't you take advantage of the Complimentary AppleCare Support available to you?