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Is there a qucik way to import either a excel or .csv file into my iPhone 5?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    there is not even a std way of doing that

    heck there is not even a std way of doing that on a computer


    excel is what excel is rows and columns what data is contained is random

    cvs is just rows and coloums of data where the columns are seperated by , or ;

    and the rows are seperated by carriage return line feed





    saved to a file called csv is a perfectly valid cvs file

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    Actually there is, ignore Rudegar's post. Use iCloud:



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    Thank you very much for your help! After converting Excel to CSV format, I can finally make calls directly from the Excel spreadsheet.

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    Thanks, this was very simple and only took a few minutes.

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    open https://www.icloud.com/  and log in with you IDevice ID


    once logged in you will see option like mail, Contacts, Calender



    choose contacts and




    here you can import or export your  VCF file



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    When you plug your device into your computer and open iTunes it will bring it up in the initial set-up and ask you what you want to sync with in drop down menus.

    If you have already done your initial setup I believe you can specify by clicking your device and in the 2nd tab it shows the email accounts, contacts, calendars, etc that are syncing and you can specify there.

    Forgive me, just going off of memory, I don't have iTunes on my main work computer.

    Or you may follow this guide: How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone

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    Rich6650 wrote:


    Is there a qucik way to import either a excel or .csv file into my iPhone 5?

    In fact, iCloud is designed to backup and manage iPhone data including contacts. Thus, you can go to iCloud web page to import contacts to iPhone 5 after signing into your iCloud account. That can allow you to import a file to contacts. If you don't want to transfer contacts to iPhone with this tool, so you can use iTunes:

    Connect iTunes to iPhone on PC.

    Move to "Info" under the "Summary" tab.

    Tick "Sync" and "Apply” to import the contacts to iPhone.