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I have an IPod Touch (4th gen) that is my sons. I tried updating it to the lastest update and forgot to turn off ZoneAlarm and it failed to update and then ITunes wanted to do a Restore and Update. Here is where part of my problem comes in. I had moved all the backups from the Mobile/Sync directory to my D: hard drive because my C: was full. So, when I did the Restore and Update ITumes cleared the IPod and now shows it as a new default name, not my sons name anymore and everything was gone...looks like a new IPod. So, I moved all of the backups back to the C: (correct location) and then selected to restore one of his backups. It looks like it did that, it now has his backup picture on there but the IPod still shows up with the new name in ITumes and althought it shows all the apps on there, they all have the black progress bar across the bottom of the app like they are trying to install, but they never do. I have had it plugged up now for 2 days and none have completed installation. So,how can I get my sons backup back on there and get everything working?


Also, is there a way in ITunes to make it store those backups in a different drive?


Thanks so much!

iPod touch (4th generation)