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I am not likeing iCloud very much anymore.  Dare I say MobileMe 2.0!


Here is my problem.  I have probably way too many bookmarks and Safari and Apple no longer has a sort option.  That is another gripe for another community.  Anyway I have a program that will sort all of my Bookmarks EXACTLY how I want them.  It does a good job of it, however about 5 seconds or so after I do it it syncs with iCloud and it goes back to the unsorted mess it was before!!!


I have turned off syncing on ALL of my devices, hoping that would dump the cached ones on iCloud.  Nope!


Is there anyway to dump them on iCloud.  I will re-sort my bookmarks on my Mac, turn the sync back on and then it should push out to the other devices once I turn them back on to syncing.  Just wondering if anyone has any idea's on how to do this?





PS - Apple PLEASE stop dumbing down your products.  Sorting bookmarks isn't a power user thing and everyone likes to have them in a bit of an order.

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    I think I figured this out.  I did a search and pieced together a couple of really good ideas.


    1.  Save a copy of your bookmarks, this is important because many tried this and lost them.

    2.  Turn off and DELETE all of your bookmarks on all of your devices but ONE. 

         For now one I will call it the Master.  Make sure no strays stay behind.

    3.  On the Master, DELETE all bookmarks but don't turn Sync off.  This is cleans up iCloud.

    4.  Turn off iCloud sync on Master, in this case it is my MacBookAir

    5.  Restore Bookmarks

    6.  Clean up Bookmarks

    7.  Turn Bookmark Sync back on the Master, this will push them to iCloud

    8.  On each device, turn sync back on.  Verify each did it correctly

    9.  Do this for all devices.


    Apple, you make this WAY too HARD by trying to be SIMPLE.  Must be becase iCloud is not what was promised, your Dev's are in arms over how bad it is.  Search for it.