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Hello fellow Macbook User!


So, I have been experiencing an issue where when I attempt to move, or lift my Macbook Pro (obviously having to touch the bottom panel) my laptop would freeze, sometimes with or without the 3 beep code indicating a ram issue. Of course these issues all started occuring the month after my Apple Care had expired...(+1 for everyone who has been in this EXACT same situation).


The only way for my computer to function is for me to leave it on a desk and not attempt to move it at what-so-ever. It begs to questions, why did I buy a laptop that can only function as a desktop? This poses myriad issues considering I contract most of my work and need to be mobile, NEED to lift my computer and show clients work, NEED to be able to move from place to place without worrying about my computer freezing and losing all my work..


Steps I have taken;


1. Apple Store diagnostics x 4

2. Replace Ram x 3

3. Replace Hard Drive with SSD (love the solid state, brand new Samsung 840 Pro 128GB, but still issue occurs)

4. Contact Apple Support Telephone, I am now in contact with two "Senior Reps"


I've searched endlessly through the forums only to have come across two "solutions" or reasonable explanations. 1 of the solutions suggest that there is foil or some type of aluminum within the serial code sticker that rests above the ram contacts. I suppose the logic is that with time, the adhesive has melted showing this foil or conductive material more, so when the bottom panel is pushed it presses this sticker towards the ram contact causing the freeze/3 beep code.


I am by no means an amateur/noob when it comes to tecnology, but would not suggest im a "genius" or incredibly tech savvy when it comes to building computers, but I can do the basics. That being said, I'm hesitant to remove the serial sticker, and shift it ever so slightly to where the foil is not touching the ram contacts. Also, wouldn't it be more wise to remove the sticker completely? I mean, what is the purpose of the sticker as far as functionality for the machine? Another reasoning behind NOT removing the sticker would be, if the adhesive is in fact melting, removing and replacing the sticker would only give way to heat within the machine to more easily destroy the "stickyness" and eventually it will fall off?


I hate the fact that a sticker or some type of adhesive seems to be the only solution to apple products issues, *cough cough, Iphone....*


I've now invested over 3k for a BARELY 1 year old computer and the worst part is no Apple employee has been able to assist me without wanting MORE $$ from me which to me is a crime considering how much we pay for these machines in the first place.


I beg of this community to please, if you are experiencing the same issues contact me, suggest solutions, but most importantly please reply so we can have a thread of users that may be experiencing the exact same issues.



Appreciate the time folks, and hopefully all of us with this same problem will find a viable solution to this RIDICULOUS problem.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    plawn wrote:


    So, I have been experiencing an issue where when I attempt to move, or lift my Macbook Pro


    3 beeps RAM problem.


    Did you check for a swollen battery?

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    Of course these issues all started occuring the month after my Apple Care had expired...


    If your AC expired recently, suggest that you contact Apple Customer Relations.  See what they can do for you.



    For a proper diagnoses of your problem(s), take your MBP to your local Apple Store or an AASP.  The techs there will be able to run a FREE diagnostic tests.  At least this way, you will receive confirmation of exactly what the problem is.  If bad RAM was not the problem (beeps), something else is going on.









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    The laptop is barely over a year old, but I don't believe the battery is in any way "swollen." Still charges just fine and retains solid usage time. No physical damage to the laptop what-so-ever. Back panel fits snug, nothing protruding out of the case at all.

  • leroydouglas Level 6 (17,777 points)

    I would follow Baby Boomer (USofA) advice:


    Genius reservation


    check warranty




    Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-767-2275

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    I've been into several Apple Stores, 4 times as of today, just went on my lunch break from work. Still, no solution and nobody has been able to tell me whats wrong. Other users, if you explore the support forums have suggested it's either the foil within the ram sticker, or the pogo pins themselves? I don't quite understand the logic, but it seems to make the most sense as far as pinpointing what exactly is causing the issue.


    I originally hoped it would have been JUST a ram issue, or JUST a hard drive issue, but life it seems is not that simple...



  • Baby Boomer (USofA) Level 9 (57,297 points)

    plawn wrote:


    The laptop is barely over a year old


    I gather you didn't get AppleCare for your 3K MBP for that extra 2 years of piece of mind?  Again, call Customer Relations.  Explain your situation to them.













  • plawn Level 1 (0 points)

    The idea of Apple Care is suggesting you know and expect something to happen on your costly machine. To me, that concept is absurd. One would hope that a product as "elite" and expensive from such a reputible company such as Apple, you wouldn't have to worry that issues like this would occur.


    BTW - Been in contact with Customer Relations and they are working to find some type of solution for my problems. Meanwhile, I hope more people experiencing the same issue would reply and report and solutions! Real world advice > Apple Customer Service.

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    Hey Plawn,


    I have the exact same problem currently. I ran a hardware test, reset the PRAM/SMS, and reinstalled the ram. Still no solution. Have you had any luck?

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    I too have this problem and it's frustrating. My Powerbook G4 lasted 9 years despite being dropped and rebuilt by me. My machine has been customized to 8GB RAM and the DVD drive removed to fit a 256GB SSD boot disc.

    I've noticed that the bottom flexes when you lift the machine up with your fingers under the middle of the base. Is it touching the RAM and causing this issue? Is there any way of knowing whether it's bad RAM modules or bad case design?

  • ajcormier Level 1 (10 points)

    Hey Treeshouse,


    Mind ended up being a logicboard issue. There are a few programs that test your ram, but I can't recall them right now. A swift google search would probably help you with that. My advice to you would be to see if a friend as another mac that you can swap your ram with his and see if its your ram/the logicboard at the same time. When i swapped ram in and out, and tested each ram port, i ended up figureing out it was my bottom ram slot that was corrupt. Not fixable without replaceing the board, but I can use the top one fine. Running at half, but I saved like $700.


    Hope this helps,



  • plawn Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Everyone,


    Sorry for the delay, but I did in fact get my computer sent into a Apple Depot where they determined the Logic Board needed to be replaced. They also replaced my SSD with a lesser, stock Apple, hard drive that runs on SATA3 and not SATA6 which was annoying. It's ludacris for the logic board to break down for a computer that is barely 1.5 years old but the beeping and the non-portability is no longer an issue, until......  .. .


    (2 weeks later)


    BLACK SCREEN GALORE! So, just a couple weeks after my Logic Board was replaced I encountered the "black screen of death" where my computer was clearly running and functioning, (sound, and lights all responding but nothing showing on my display). I had to do the whole call in, complain, get insulted by one of the RUDEST Apple reps in the history of Apple, or reps...


    Sent it back in, yet again the LOGIC BOARD they claimed to be the issue. Now, once is completely understandable but twice? Infuriating doesn't even begin to describe how I feel at this point. The investments I've made not just financial, but physical, emotional, and obviously TIME cannot be quantified. It's absurd that this new has caused me so many issues and the only response Apple or the FanBoy and Girls can give me is "should have bought Apple Care."


    I will never purchase another Apple product again.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, ajcormier. I hope it's not the logic board but suspect you're probably right. Not sure any of my friends will want their laptops opened up, though.

    To plawn, you must be the unluckiest guy around, unless someone dropped your MacBook or maybe the second logic board got cracked when it was being installed. You can't blame those issues on Apple. I have had many Apple products over the years. Some lasted a very long time, some less so but I feel that most of the time I got my money's worth and much of the time I've made a lot of money using Apple kit. I wouldn't allow one rude shop assistant put you off. He might have just heard his girlfriend was leaving him for his best friend, who knows.

  • plawn Level 1 (0 points)



    To be fair, I can blame Apple. Trust me when I say, I've been a lifelong Apple fan. I grew up in Cupertino, CA and I've seen Apple grow into this brilliant company under Steve Jobs. I love their products, my entire educational carreer from elementary school to college we've always embraced Mac culture. It's why I purchased my first Macbook Pro when I was graduating from college to finally own my own, work on in my professional career.


    To give you guys more clarification of my current situation. After having sent my Macbook Pro Early 2011 into Apples depots twice now, I have yet again encountered MORE issues. Left speaker busted, USB ports non-functional, as well as my Macbook Pro making this stange, subtle clicking noise (think HDD noise when failing except I have a SSD...stange I know).


    I would expect after getting this serviced just ONCE these issues would have been addressed and corrected. But after being serviced twice and STILL having issues is a clear indication that Apple has failed to thoroughly diagnose my laptop and correct these issues. I have NEVER dropped, NEVER abused, NEVER done anything other than work on my laptop and for me to continuously have issues even after reporting and repairing THROUGH Apple can only logically suggest that Apple is at fault.


    Believe me when I say, I want desparately to love my laptop. But when it doesn't function after I spent well over 3.5k on the actual parts, labor, and replacement parts. Not to mention missing weeks of work because I needed to wait for repairs to be done, it's hard not for me to be irritated and highly disappointed in Apple.


    It's been great growing up with you Apple, but our paths seem to be headed in different directions. The saddest part is, which company do I go to now? Sigh*

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    This is the same issue that I'm having with my laptop.
    It started for me about 2 months ago. To begin with I let it go thinking it was just a general issue that would go away with a hard reboot. But after a while I found it to become more frequent.
    After it occured so many times that I was worried it was going to blow up I just stopped using it alltogether.
    Lucky for me (at least I thought it was lucky) my laptop was still under warranty! I took it to a store called 'next byte' from who I was advised to see by Apple.
    I got a phone call today regarding it where the man on the phone laughed at me telling me that to fix it I would be charged $1800 in total. I couldn't believe it.
    He said to me that the logic board would have to be replaced and that because their was visibale cosmetic damage it was my issue.
    Is there anyway that apple can prove that it was my fault?

    I don't remember ever bltatenly dropping my laptop. I'm sure it has some dents and bumps but I honestly don't think that this issue was my fault. I'm sure everyone says that...

    It just really *****.. has anyone else had this issue? Did they end up fixing it for you or did you just buy a new laptop? I don't see the point in a warranty if it doesn't cover hardware damage.
    Could this have really been caused from a few knocks to the laptop?
    I haven't even had it for a year and it was a present...

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