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    Thank you, @Dringofett, thank you, thank you! Yesterday my 2011 MBP running 10.6.8 started with the freeze/3 beep behavior but I had done nothing in the way of either software or hardware updates. It passed diagnostics with flying colors but froze up shortly after rebooting. I disabled Google Drive and it now works like a champ. I can still access my Google Drive account through the web interface and that works just fine - I can live without having it on my toolbar. I am so incredibly relieved that I don't have to replace my system just yet.

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    I had the same problem with my MBP running OS X 10.6.8.  After two trips to the Apple Store and replacing memory array, logic board, and SSD drive, I discovered the culprit was probably not hardware, but Google Drive.  While rebuilding my machine off a fresh OS, everything was fine until I loaded Google drive client s'ware.  Ka-pow --3 beeps and frozen.  After multiple reboots I could get enough time before freezing to delete Google drive and the problem stopped.  Google acknoweldges this as a problem.  See:




    Hope this helps future vicitims and I hope Apple Genius bar diagnsotics folks see this -- it will save you a lot of memory and logic baords!!




    p.s. Just caught the other postings pointing to Google Drive.  Add this one to the pile.

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    HOLY COW!!!! I have been working on this for so long and deleting Google Drive worked for me, too. I bought new RAM (unnecessarily it would seem). This is terrific. Wasted a lot of time, but... at least it's fixed now. Very dramatic Google Drive problem, jeez!!!! It got worse and worse over the last few weeks, so I assumed it was a hardware problem. Nope!

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    I had to search around a bit to figure out how to disable Google Drive (I'm not a strong Mac user)


    Just in case it saves someone else time, here's what I did:

    a) I turned on my computer in SAFE mode (pressed and held the SHIFT key as soon as I heard the "DONG" when I turned the computer on. let go of it when I saw the spinning thing

    b) Opened up FINDER

    c) opened up the APPLICATIONS folder

    d) deleted GOOGLE DRIVE by sending it to the Trash


    I also:

    a) Clicked on the APPLE LOGO

    b) Clicked on SYSTEM PREFERENCES

    c) Clicked on ACCOUNTS

    d) Choose LOGIN ITEMS

    e) Selected GOOGLE DRIVE

    f) clicked on the "minus sign".


    So now it is good and gone. I'm so glad this isn't a hardware problem. And... now I have twice as much RAM.



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    I have plawn's problem. 2011 15" MBP running 10.9.2. Mine did the 3 beeps when I stood up holding the laptop. Since then whenever I carry the laptop or move it in some way, it will either freeze or freeze with the 3 beeps. I have taken out the 2 4 gig ram sticks and put the original 2 gig sticks in, and it's still happening. May have to see if it's one of the ram slots.

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    I updated to Mavericks, let google drive run again, and it's been fine ever since.  I'm actually quite happy with Mavericks. 


    I did pay $310 plus tax to get it fixed, but I fixed it myself.  Should I ask for a refund?


    I'm quite surprised the "geniuses" didn't know about this.

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    Thank you for this. This appears to be the issue.

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    I'm having the same issue, movement (and sometimes even without) becomes a frozen screen and 3 beeps, repeating indefinitely until I hold the power button down to force a shut down. I have a 15" Spring 2011 MacBook Pro i7 4GB DDR3 running OS X 10.8.5 and do not have Google Drive. Any suggestions? I take very good care of my Mac, and don't ever overload it with workload, so I'm baffled. Thanks ahead for any help, and best of luck to everyone else as well.

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    try to take out power first,

    remove the ram,

    connect power again,

    hold the power on to power up the machine without ram, it will beep and last it for 1 min.

    then remove power and install ram again.

    then power up.

    see if this help.

    good luck.

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    Hey guys,

    I had the same problem a few days ago. I have 2 ram cards (8gb together), what I did was that I opened my Mac and tried the both ram cards in the 1st slot, unfortunately 1 was burnt (or whatever was wrong with it) so it the logic board could not work with them as 1 of them was damaged. In the begining I thought that I need to replace the logic board. So my suggestion is if you are a type of person that likes repairing things himself just try it out it is better than listening to the prices of the repairing.

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    One User who apeared to have a Bad DIMM Socket on the mainboard found happiness by loosening the mounting screws that hold the connector in place (or backing them off, then tightening them "just snug".


    Of course, "Your mileage may vary".

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    The 3 beeps and freezing saga happened to me this morning for the first time. This thread was the first one I stumbled across (luckily!!!!!)


    After reading through the first page and a half I was ready to get my tool kit out and start ripping into my macbook but once I dropped on the post about google drive and software version 10.6.8 a light bulb lit up above me and a smile appeared on my face!!!! I installed Google Drive last night!!!! I uninstalled it by dragging Google Drive from Applications into the Trash (at which point Clean My Mac pops up and uninstalls for me, not sure what this does extra but hey ho) and hey presto, i am now writing to you on my macbook


    It would freeze and beep as soon as it booted into the OS so to get enough time to load the internet browser and type this post tells me that it has worked.


    I dont want to poo poo Apples name because i have in iPhone 5s, a Macbook Pro 15", an iPad mini, an iPod classic and 2 iPhone 3GS's for the kids but I am a Network Engineer by trade and my work colleague used to be an Apple Genius, he hates Apple and has not one good word about them. I love Apple devices and yeah I have issues with them but if anyone can tell me any brand of device that doesnt break and develop faults I will eat my own foot. Just saying.


    Thanks for your post it has saved me time and money and I will definately pass on this knowledge

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    I have a MBP 2011 that has suffered through the freeze (3 RAM Beep) issue for several months now.  I tried everything suggested in these, and other, posts.  Everything seemed to work....temporarily, but within a day or two the problem always returned.  Until Last week.  I stumbled on a post that suggested taking out the RAM that is located closest to the keyboard.  With that one removed the problem does not return, but the computer just runs slow.  It was suggested that the problem was the logic board or the connections on that RAM module.  I took out the logic board and noticed that directly under the RAM port is a metalic type sticker that has the RAM circuit board imprinted on it.... meaning that the space is so tight that the RAM board is forced into the sticker.  The sticker has a metalic like finish to it.  I took out a sticky note and pasted it over the sticker and put everything back together, including Both RAM slots. 

    The computer now works perfectly.

    After all this time pulling out my hair on fix after fix it is hard to believe that a post-it-note could have saved the day. 

    Computer can now be carried around, typed hard upon...etc, etc. 

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    Thank you! Had the exact same issue. Opened up the laptop and covered up the sticker and now everything works fine!

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    I know someone with the same problem on the same model. Do you see any potential danger in covering up the metallic sticker?