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Here's the situation: I have a small server environment that has taken eight months to get running properly (no thanks to Apple, who forgot to mention that DNS is set up incorrectly by default).


Everything *finally* looks clean, users log in nice and fast, everything resolves.... except my personal account. Oh, and the constant Kerberos error messages, even though the tickets look fine. Ahem.


I've wacked this six ways from Sunday and I can't figure out what is wrong. I can create a new account, change the owner of my old files to the new uid, but as soon as I start adding old files to the new account, I can't log in to it anymore. Mind you, I'm just moving data files, I'm skipping the Library entirely as being a stealth bomb, and I still get login errors after moving files. GUI login spins for a few minutes and then says that the account is unavailable (standard message).


Even ssh fails.


Last login: Fri Mar 29 11:05:31 2013 from hideout.private

Could not chdir to home directory /Network/Servers/myserver.private/Volumes/Klapaucius/NetworkUsers/kristin: No such file or directory



Mind you, the directory does exist in the location listed.


drwxr-xr-x+ 16 kristin  staff  544 Mar 29 10:59 kristin



And Server thinks that is the location of the home directory, double checked by Directory Utility.


The relevant syslog messages are


3/29/13 10:59:12.530 AM libkrb5[6158]: set-error: 2: Failed to parse plist /Network/Servers/myserver.private/Volumes/Klapaucius/NetworkUsers/kristin/Libra ry/Preferences/com.apple.Kerberos.plist

3/29/13 10:59:12.530 AM libkrb5[6158]: set-error: 13: open /Network/Servers/myserver.private/Volumes/Klapaucius/NetworkUsers/kristin/Library/Preferences/edu.mit.Kerberos: Permission denied

3/29/13 10:59:12.530 AM libkrb5[6158]: set-error: 13: open /Network/Servers/myserver.private/Volumes/Klapaucius/NetworkUsers/kristin/.krb5/config: Permission denied

3/29/13 11:01:43.442 AM libkrb5[6156]: ERROR | -[HomeDirMounter mountNetworkHomeWithURL:attributes:dirPath:username:] | PremountHomeDirectoryWithAuthentication( url=afp://myserver.private/NetworkUsers, homedir=/Network/Servers/myserver.private/Volumes/Klapaucius/NetworkUsers/kristin, name=kristin ) returned 3



Which seems odd, since I didn't add or change anything in the Library. The listed files do not exist; shouldn't they have been created on the first login? Why is there only a failure after I've added document files to the account?



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