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I have an Mac Pro and use Lion on a daily basis but would like to keep Snow Leopard for some PPC apps.  I was wondering if I can remove iPhoto / iMovie and all their related stuff to save space?  I only have the applications, only the versions in Lion are used.


Currently I have my original Snow Leopard system with everything, that I just copied when I upgraded to Lion.  But I was wondering if I could do a minimal install, like you might do in Linux with just the bare essentials.  Anybody know how integrated the OS is to the applications.  The applications I am keeping is Macromedia 8 Suite ( Dreavweaver / Fireworks / Flash ).  Maybe later I will buy a used Adobe suite that runs on Lion.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 4GB RAM / 160 GB HD / SuperDrive
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    That's not a problem. Snow Leopard doesn't need the iLife apps to run properly. Your Macromedia 8 Suite doesn't need iLife either.

    You can install Snow Leopard, and not install the iLife apps from the other disc. Or in case you have Snow Leopard installed together with the iLife apps, you can remove the lather — if you know where to find all their pieces and remains. (I did that, years ago when Snow Leopard was released and everything still runs fine.)

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    I know the iLife applications are separate from Macromedia 8 Suite, I wanted to make sure Snow Leopard would not complain.  But I really was also wondering about Safari, Quicktime, iChat?  Can I remove those too, I prefer VLC and GrafficConverter.


    I will start with the iLife applications and wait and  see what you say about the other applications.  thanks.

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    I didn't remove Safari, QuickTime or iChat. I think that might not be a good idea. Isn't QuickTime making up for a part of iTunes (which you probably don't need either in your minimal OS, but still...), and I wouldn't be surprised if something in your Macromedia Suite at some point wants to use QuickTime as well.

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    In the long run, it just sounds like a better idea would be to add another hard drive. It's one of the advantages of a Mac Pro. You shouldn't have to scrounge for space.

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    I still wouldn't want to have an old iLife version installed on that Snow Leopard hard drive.

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    I guess I forgot to explain.  The 160GB HD listed in my signature crapped out, and all I had was a 80GB HD. 


    bvgI have an external storage HD but that is an IDE.  It more of a short term solution, but I really only need Snow Leopard for the Macromedia suite.  And that is not very often, so i hate to dedicate a whole 2nd HD for something I barely use.