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I had in interesting experience yesterday, and thought someone else might benefit from knowing about it, and from whatever suggestions others might offer in this thread**.


My iMac runs OS X 10.7.5 and Skype version My troubles began when I upgraded Skype to version


The upgrade process seemed to go fine, but when I launched Skype, it immediately crashed. Nothing I tried (restarting the iMac, trashing the Skype preferences folder in ~/Library/Application Support, re-installing Skype) fixed the issue. Each time it crashed, I sent the crash report.


It seemed obvious that the solution was to revert to the prior version, so I needed to restore both the application and the ~/Library/Application Support/Skype folder.


I couldn't "Enter Time Machine" without jumping through some hoops (don't ask :-) so I thought, no problem, just restore from my clone volume which was updated the previous night.


It was a simple matter to drag and drop the application from the clone to my boot drive.


The fun began when I tried to restore the ~/Library/Application Support/Skype folder from the clone drive. Should be simple, right? You probably know that the ~/Library/ folder is invisible on your boot drive. Well, turns out it's also invisible on the clone (which makes sense). On the boot drive of course, one can hold down the option key in the Finder to add the ~/Library/ folder to the "Go" menu. But how to show the same folder on the clone? I tried various combinations of things, including the Finder's Go to Folder... command, all to no avail. I probably wasn't constructing the path name properly... And I've since learned that I could probably have solved this by using a terminal command.


Well, I fired up my seldom-used copy of Path Finder and lo and behold, it was trivial to select "Show Invisible Files" with Path Finder's View menu.


Problem solved! Once i had the application and the xxxx restored from the clone, Skype once again behaved well.


I have two take-aways from this:


1. I strongly recommend against using Skype version


2. I recommend Path Finder as an excellent tool - I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do. You can see more about it here:




**I want to spread the word on this Skype issue and the steps which allowed me to fix it, so I'm cross-posting this in a variety of places. I hope this doesn't bother you.





iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)