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Does anyone know how to circumvent the use of Sony's software so that I can immediately use this handy USB port, pull it up and view it without iMovie on my Mac Book Pro 2011 10.6.8.


If I upgrade to current OS will I be able to?


Just want to know best practice for viewing my footage without having to IMPORT, Change Format, Upload to Dropbox and wait 3 hours to have an editor touch it?


Do I have any hope of viewing my files and simply e-mailing them via download to MediaFire or DropBox without changing format. I was hoping for a quicktime movie at least.


Editing nightmare on iMovie. Some of the footage magically transformed into SD without me changing anything. I had no setting changes during the shoot.


I want my HD files as I see them on the screen to be downloaded somewhere so that I can view them without crazy time reformatting. I just want my high res beautiful footage quickly available so I can grab it and send it off for edit and polish!


Suggestions please.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)