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I would like to have a journal like I did in Microsoft Office Journal which was a very useful tool.  After searching, I haven't found a comparable app so was looking at trying to use iCal.  But, can't see how I can make a new calendar that is a searchable journal.  It would not be a daily thing, but important events, e-mails etc would be referenced on dates they occurred.  Thanks in advance.

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    There is a search field at top right of iCal - of course it's pretty basic and will apply across all calendars. if you want something more configurable you could have a look at MacJournal:




    I've not tried this but it looks interesting.

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    Roger, thanks for the info.  I've downloaded the trial version of macjournal, but initial impression is it is more than I need or want to pay for.  However, using your other idea, I've created a calendar called journal and make annotations as needed and find if I title them right, the search function is fairly effective, though as you say, it gives infor across all calendars.  Thanks again