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I just got a 2nd computer and wanted to be able to play my music from my other computer on this one while I work.  Both computers are on the same network.  I installed iTunes on the new computer, authorized my account, then turned on Home Sharing on both computers.  I can see each computer on the other, but I can't actually access anything on the new computer.  I just click on the other computer's name, it thinks for a while, then goes back to just the new computer's empty library.  On the other computer, I can see the new computer and when I click on it on that computer, it comes up just fine.  I can't seem to find any settings that are different on one or the other, so I'm stumped.  I can even see my wife's computer on the new computer under Sharing, and I can usually pull up her stuff too, but the same thing happens - it just thinks for a while, then goes away.


Any idea what's going on here??



HP PC, Windows XP