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Help me! I have the newest version of itunes and i can't convert the files into WAV files, so that i can get them on windows media player and put the music on my Samsung Intensity 2. You also can't select any songs with this new version.

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    HT 1550 is out of date, since the menu options have changed for iTunes 11.  Consult this updated guide:


    iTunes 11 for Windows: Save a copy of a song in a new file format



    And by the way, make sure you convert them to MP3, not to WAV.

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    do You know how to do the conversion on a Mac?



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    Here is the corresponding document for the Mac:


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    Thank you for your suggestion. This is actually the procedure that I found to work. However, it is indeed odd that you must configure the import preferences to modify the conversion format (which is actually something you do on an already imported file). I remember that in the past versions of iTunes that there was the possibility to choose the format when you asked for the conversion. This seems to be the typical Apple oversimplification.

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    Raguraf,  It works exactly as it did in previous versions of iTunes, except that the necessary command is now found on the File menu instead of the Advanced menu.