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I am successfully using Back to my Mac to access my Mac Mini in my office with my Macbook Pro at home. There are no errors showing up in the iCloud system preferences. Both ends are using quickish DSL connections. However, just trying to view files and directories is painfully slow. It can take 30 seconds to view the content of a folder and often the Finder will fail altogether with a permenantly spinning beach ball. On the other hand Screensharing works quickly and I can happily work on the remote machine.


The problem is only in one direction too. Strangely the Mac Mini doesn't seem to have any problems accessing the Macbook Pro with Back to my Mac, even with Screensharing running. From my Macbook I can start Screensharing and send files from the Mini in a fraction of the time I could simply looking for the files from the Macbook.


Any ideas how I can get it working properly?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Mac Mini