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Ive downloaded a ringtone, when I go into iTunes there is an ! next to the song.. Does anyone know why? Also, its not allowing me to use it as a txt tone.. 

iOS 4.3.3
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    The '!' indicates that it's not where iTunes thinks it should be - it's either been deleted or moved to a different place on your computer. When did you download the ringtone, and could you have deleted the ringtone from your computer ? Have you tried searching for it ?

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    I just downloaded it within the hour.. I am kind of new to this so please bare with me.. lol  How can I search for it? Also, if I downloaded a ringtone from iTunes, can I use it as a txt tone?

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    If it's a ringtone then I assume that you bought it on your iPad (?), as they can't be bought on a computer - if so is it still on there ?


    If you had copied it from your device to your computer then as far as you know have you deleted anything from your computer in the last hour, and is there anything in the recycle bin on it ?


    There is some info about searching for items on this page : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1408