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Hello All.

I would like to consult with knowledgeable people.

I have MacBook Pro MD101 / 16GB RAM / 512 MB ​​SSD Crucial M4 (OS) / 1 TB WD Blue (for any data (in optibay) / Intel HD4000 (integrated video card).

10.8.2 was installed, it worked fine.

I try installed via App Store OS X 10.8.3.

Everything was normal. Several times rebooted Mac, several times "sleep / wake up."

But then the problems started:

1. After rebooting most of the programs will not run. For example: Total Finder, Finder, Thunderbird and even "Console" and Terminal is Crashed. Accidentally managed to "catch" the error log "fall" of the console (if need, I can posted it).

2. After rebooting I have more problems with the graphics of GUI.

Examples - attached.

10-8-3 Problem 1.jpg

10-8-3 Problem 2.jpg

This is not my first failed attempt to update to 10.8.3 and therefore is not the first time something is not clear.

After installation tried many different ways, eg delete caches, reset of SMC, delete the some programs, fix the right (on disks) on the disk utility, check the disk, and so on.



I have another MacBook Pro 13 2010 (with nVidia 320M and Core 2 Duo 2,6), and so it works perfectly normal on 10.8.3.



That suggest?

Please Sorry for my English....

Best Regards

Jim from Moscow

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)